Are economy mobility scooters as good as the more expensive models?

Are economy mobility scooters as good  as the more expensive models?
Are economy mobility scooters as good as the more expensive models?

As you would probably expect, more expensive mobility scooters do tend to have more features and can also have more power and range between chargers, but that is not to say that cheaper mobility scooters do not offer a good range of features and benefits.

The market for mobility scooters has really increased over the last few years, to the extent that there are many more brands available and they are also spread across many price points.

This has been largely driven by consumer demand, an ageing population and increased disposable income in the over 60’s that means that there is greater demand for both choice and features in mobility scooters.

Also, there has been the increase in types of mobility scooters, with ultra-lightweight mobility scooters becoming popular, for occasional use when on outings or travelling further afield.

Folding models, and models for certain applications, such as off-road mobility scooters, has also increased the range significantly, so there is more choice and ultimately this has led in many cases to prices coming down.

So the question, are economy models of mobility scooter as good as the expensive ones, is largely, they can be, but to a point.

When there is a requirement for greater distances and a power output that exceeds the norm, then the old adage, ‘you get what you pay for’ is particularly apt, as it’s simply the case that when you go up to high powered models that have significant range and power benefits, as well as luxury materials and fittings, then ultimately it comes at a cost.

That said, many consumers are searching for cheap mobility scooters and some will also look into purchasing used mobility scooters or reconditioned mobility scooters.

It’s actually pretty smart to do this, as you can benefit from some hefty cost savings over a brand new model and you’ll also benefit from a warranty that can easily be extended for a small additional cost.

Used mobility scooters are a great idea if you are working on a budget but you want to have a more fully featured scooter model that is good for heavy everyday use.

Often, folding and lightweight mobility scooters will come at a lower price, but it’s because they are designed for more occasional use, say for travelling or outings, whereas other types of mobility scooter, such as all-terrain mobility scooters are for more regular heavy duty use. 

A good example of one of the most popular folding mobility scooters, comes in the form of the TGA Minimo Folding Mobility Scooter, this mobility scooter comes pretty much fully featured and doesn’t do bad when it comes to both power and range.

Coming with a powerful and whisper quiet 24v 270 watt motor, the TGA Minimo delivers both nippy power and smooth delivery of the drive through the large puncture proof tyres provides a smooth ride.

Top range of 10 miles and top speed of 4 miles per hour, also mean you’re never left behind.

This folding mobility scooter retails at just under £2000, there are cheaper scooters out there, but it’s one of the most popular on the market currently for the money.

An example of a large mobility scooter that is in the more expensive bracket, comes in the form of the Royale Sport Mobility Scooter, a truly luxury model of scooter that has an incredible kerb presence, sure to turn heads of all who see it.

This feature packed and state-of-the-art mobility scooter has it all, with an incredibly powerful 1500W motor that really does take on anything, with beautiful smooth suspension to iron out all the bumps.

It’s complemented by an amazing range of up to 30 miles between charges, and will handle a maximum user weight of up to 25 stone.

The Royale Sport Mobility Scooter doesn’t let down on tech either, coming with a digital dash display with very user friendly controls.

To top it off, the The Royale Sport Mobility Scooter comes with a luxurious and super-comfortable rotating seat with sliding and reclining facility which is also fully adjustable seat and armrests for an extremely comfortable seating position to the user’s exact specifications.

To see a large range of mobility scooters, across a wide spectrum of affordable mobility scooters, to more expensive luxury models, take a look at our main mobility scooter category page here

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