Wishing you Luck, It's our St Patrick's Day Sale!

Wishing you Luck, It's our St Patrick's Day Sale!

It brings us great pleasure to welcome you to our St. Patrick's Day Sale and especially to all our Irish customers, we hope you have an enjoyable celebration. 

This year's sale has more products, over more departments and with world-leading brands all included, so it's a great opportunity for you to stock up on all the essentials, or look towards making great savings on a bigger purchase. 

Lighter evenings and warmer weather ahead, mean that for many of you it will be time to venture outside again and enjoy pottering around your garden, or possibly travelling out to attractions or for shopping trips.

Our sale has so many products that have been designed to make such excursions a pleasure, rather than being a difficulty or a struggle.

If you are feeling more aches and pains than you used to and it's beginning to impede on your enjoyment of getting out and about, the good news is there are plenty of great solutions for you.

Simple mobility aids, like walking sticks, frames or rollators, can make so much difference and give you that essential balance and stability that mean you can stay out for longer and not have to over exert or strain yourself by trying to compensate for your lack of balance.

That means that you can keep up with your friends and family and not have to have as many rest stops or falling behind on walks or during shopping outings.

Mobility scooters are also a brilliant idea where you want the peace of mind that you can go anywhere without stress or worry, our state-of-the-art models offer a lightweight and compact solution that can be carried and stored in the car for easy travel anywhere.

Alternatively we have larger, heavy duty scooter models that are ideal for that everyday requirement where you can have full confidence venturing out and exploring without having to worry about range or having enough battery power.

Our team are always here to help you in your decisions on what exactly would be the best answer for the problem you are trying to solve and our friendly expertise can guide you towards independence, comfort and confidence.

For around the home or garden, our amazing range of Daily Living Aids can make your life easier and safer, providing comfort and convenience and reducing the risk of your everyday activities, so you can enjoy your interests and hobbies around your home without having to worry.  

Enjoy our St. Patrick's Day Sale, we hope you find some great savings and thanks, as always, for choosing to shop with us, we feel very lucky to have you with us!


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