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How we deliver our stairlifts with outstanding value.

  • A few details

    We’ll take just a few details from you, nothing too much, so we can see how your home and stairs are currently set up ready for your new stairlift.

  • We’ll call you

    You’ll then receive a short call from either ourselves or Acorn (the Manufacturer) to arrange a convenient appointment at your home.

  • Your assessment & quote

    A short stairlift assessment will take place at your home and we’ll then provide your no-obligation stairlift quotation!

Are your stairs becoming too difficult for you to manage?

Do you find yourself choosing not to use the stairs during the day, due to the amount of effort it takes to climb the stairs and safety concerns?

Is another family member, or carer, having to help you climb the stairs and ensure you are safe?
If you’ve answered ‘YES’ to any of the questions above, it may be time to consider the many benefits of using a stairlift in your home.

Many people who would really benefit from having a stairlift are put off by the perception of stairlifts being expensive, but in fact, stairlifts can be surprisingly affordable, given that there are also used, reconditioned models that can be purchased.

The addition of a stairlift means you are able to use the stairs as often as you like, from a simple visit to an upstairs loo, or for an afternoon nap in the bedroom, a stairlift takes out a major obstacle and opens up your home to the full use and access you should be able to enjoy.

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How to see if a stairlift’s right for you?

Stair lift

The process for deciding on whether to buy a stairlift starts with a simple survey in your home, by our expert team.

There is nothing to worry about in having a survey, it’s completely free, there are no sales pitches, and you don’t have to make any decision on the day, we’ll simply send you the results of our survey with the stairlift options that are best suited to your needs and your type of stair configuration, and let you make your decision in your own time.

We’ll also give you a full itemised quotation, so you can look at the costs involved to help you to make your decision. Again, this is completely without any obligation.

More about our stairlifts

Our stairlift range comes with many leading features that make using your stairlift a real pleasure and much easier to navigate the stairs. The low priced stairlifts we provide operate on maintenance free DC power, with whisper quiet operation that is easy to control, via a handheld infra-red remote control.

If you are thinking of buying a low cost stairlift, either for yourself or for a friend or for a relative, it pays to make a comparison of stairlift features. At Mobility Smart we take all the hard work away by listening carefully to your needs and providing the right solution at the right cost saving both time and the hassle of having to deal with several manufacturers.

It is important to every stairlift customer, that you are getting the best deal. When you purchase a stairlift from us we offer extremely competitive pricing and we never compromise on quality. If you are looking for the cheapest stairlifts on the market we can advise you so that you are not left purchasing a machine that is not up to the purpose you require it for.

All our stairlifts are world class manufactured and fully guaranteed. You can be assured that as well as being of extremely high quality design and build, we can offer a very low cost stairlift insurance that covers virtually any eventuality.

We supply both new and reconditioned stairlifts and we also provide stairlift rental so if you prefer to hire your stairlift for whatever period, we can help you choose exactly what you are looking for.

Stairlift installation is very quick, (normally under one hour) and is undertaken within one week of receipt of your order. The highly trained engineers who will install your stairlift are very friendly and will fully clean up after installing your stairlift. Simply call us on 0800 567 7222 for more information.

Looking to find out more about purchasing a stairlift? At Mobility Smart we provide only the highest quality, low cost stairlifts, providing a secure and reliable means of getting up and down your stairs in complete comfort.

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