How to place Overseas Orders

We regret to inform you that we no longer offer shipping outside the UK due to intricate VAT/TAX regulations and the diverse range of products we sell, which can range from minute items like ferrules to larger products like wheelchairs. This makes the determination of shipping costs intricate. However, we are actively seeking alternatives and hope to facilitate international orders in the future.


For Those Willing to Arrange Their Own Collection:

If you are based outside the UK and would like to place an order, you're welcome to do so by arranging your own collection. Here's how you can proceed:

  1. Note down our product code(s) and the quantities you require. (All our product codes begin with "MS" or "PG" and are followed by 5 numbers, for instance, MS12345).
  2. Send an email to providing the full address for collection, along with the product code(s) and quantities you wish to order.
  3. We will provide a quote for the items, without shipping, and email you the total along with a reference number.
  4. Once you've reviewed and agreed upon our quote, please contact us by phone, quoting the reference number, to finalize your order.

For all such orders, please contact us directly at +44 1995 638086.

For international calls to us, ensure you're familiar with your country's international dialling code. This can be sourced from relevant websites or local telecom services.