Our Spring Sale has Sprung. Let’s grow the power of your pound!

Our Spring Sale has Sprung. Let’s grow the power of your pound!

Lighter nights, longer days and more power in your pocket. It must be our annual Spring Sale! It’s big and bold and has lots of fresh savings springing up everywhere!

Our team have been busy collating and pushing down prices on as many products as possible, working hard to grow the power of your pound as we know that you deserve the best value, coupled with superb service.

It’s our simple aim, to make your life easier and to do this by offering you access to the widest range of products that can solve your daily mobility problems, lessen any pains and being both ease and comfort into your everyday life.

Our Spring Sale is bigger and better than ever before as we are in a position to widen the sale to many more products, brands and categories covering more of your daily needs, so making your money go further.

With lighter nights and longer days, you will naturally want to be outdoors enjoying the sights and sounds of your garden, maybe doing a few odd jobs and planting or tidying up your patio. 

If your level of mobility is in any way taking away from your pleasure and these outdoor tasks are becoming harder than they used to be, then you can be assured that we have many aids that can help you stay out doing what you love longer and with more enjoyment and comfort.

If travel plans are on your horizon, again, we can help you squeeze every last drop of enjoyment from your wanderings, by giving you access to a plethora of mobility aids, meaning you can fully enjoy your experiences.

We have everything from lighter walking aids, like sticks and canes, through to the latest models of walkers and rollators that can also carry your personal belongings and any shopping, making your outings easier and more convenient.

If you find that going around larger attractions, resorts or parks or even shopping centres is a little too much for you, then why not consider the benefits of a lightweight folding mobility scooter?

Owning one of these means that you can visit wherever you like and see more of what’s there, as you are not having to rest or retreat back to your car due to tiredness or fatigue.

It also means that you can keep up with your group, or family members without having to have the usual rest-stops due to being too tired.

Just having a browse through our product categories can be an educating experience as you see all the mobility solutions and daily living aids that are available to you, to make your life easier, safer and more comfortable.

As ever, we would like to thank all of you for leaving your kind reviews on Google and our social media pages, it’s very rewarding to us to see that we are making such a difference, and that you are finding the real benefits of using our products, keep them coming!

All that remains is for us to wish you a lovely Spring season, we send our heart-felt thanks for you choosing to shop with us, it’s great to have you with us. 


The Mobility Smart Team


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