Our one-piece ramps offer a lightweight and sturdy aid to access in a variety of applications, such as access to a vehicle, raised kerbs, steps, and a wide range of other access scenarios. Manufactured from lightweight aluminium, our one-piece ramps are extremely easy to use and fast to apply to the surface to make your access needs easier. The surface of our ramps is non-slip and durable, so they will give exceptional use even in high-demand situations. The surface retains grip even when the surface is wet or damp, ensuring the user's confidence in any condition. The beauty of a one-piece ramp is that it is so easy and quick to use. Without the need for any putting together, you can simply lay the ramp securely between positions, and you are able to get going with the minimum of fuss. You will find that our one-piece ramps also have a small footprint, so even when not in use, they are easy to store or carry.

One Piece Ramps

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  1. Stepless Wide Ramps
    Stepless Wide Ramps Item Code: PG14350
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    Perfect for use with both electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters, the Stepless Wide Plain Ramp features a wide driving surface designed to prevent any obstruction of the wheels.

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  2. Stepless Channel Ramps
    Stepless Channel Ramps Item Code: PG14421
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    The ramps are ideal for manual wheelchair users and feature a durable, non-slip surface that ensures maximum grip and traction making them safe to use in all conditions. 

    From £307.89 with VAT Relief
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  3. Modular Ramp Kits
    Modular Ramp Kits Item Code: PG18256
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    These Modular Ramp Kits have been designed to be portable and are customisable to accommodate a more accessible entryway. The kits are available in a range of heights and can be combined together to overcome thresholds of varying sizes

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  4. Permaramp Adjustable - Superwide
    Permaramp Adjustable - Superwide Item Code: PG34168
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    The Superwide Permaramp Adjustable is a semi-permanent ramp that can be left in place providing improved access to areas that might otherwise be difficult to get into.

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  5. PermaRamp Adjustable Threshold Ramp
    PermaRamp Adjustable Threshold Ramp Item Code: PG18212
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    The Permaramp Adjustable Threshold Ramp is perfect for use over fragile PVC thresholds where a ramp cannot rest on or be fixed to the threshold.

    From £795.95 with VAT Relief
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  6. Permaramp Original - Superwide
    Permaramp Original - Superwide Item Code: PG34161
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    Designed to deliver unwavering grip and stability, the Superwide Permaramp Original can be used outdoor in all weathers.

    From £471.69 with VAT Relief
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  7. Permaramp Original
    Permaramp Original Item Code: PG18215
    FREE Shipping

    The Permaramp Original is a high-quality disabled ramp that has been designed to deliver outstanding grip and safety outdoors and in all conditions.

    From £404.19 with VAT Relief
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  8. Extra Wide Lightweight Utility Ramps
    Extra Wide Lightweight Utility Ramps Item Code: PG17105
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    Designed and manufactured for mobility and commercial use, the Extra Wide Lightweight Utility Ramps are strong, durable and easy to use.

    From £629.69 with VAT Relief
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  9. Lightweight Utility Ramps
    Lightweight Utility Ramps Item Code: PG17097
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    This range of heavy-duty, portable Utility Ramps has been carefully constructed and manufactured for commercial use.

    From £519.79 with VAT Relief
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  10. Aerolight Classic Ramps
    Aerolight Classic Ramps Item Code: PG16868
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    These Aerolight Classic Ramps are available in short lengths ranging from 2 feet to 5 feet making them perfect for use over thresholds, kerbs and steps.

    From £249.95 with VAT Relief
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  11. Axcess Lightweight Portable Ramps - 1m
    Axcess Lightweight Portable Ramps - 1m Item Code: MS23574
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    Sold as a pair, these Axcess Lightweight Portable Ramps weigh just 2.5kg (5.5lb), making them very easy to carry, but they are deceptively sturdy and will take a maximum load of 300kg (47 stone). Safety features include raised edges, a grit coated surface and plastic lugs at the higher end that locate securely on a top step or the back of a vehicle.  A 1.5m version is also available.Product SpecificationOne pair of Axcess Lightweight Portable RampsSuitable for wheelchairs and 4 wheeled scootersLength 1000mm (39.5 inches)Weight 2.5kg (5.5lb)Internal width 150mm (6 inches) per channelExternal width 180mm (7 inches) per channelMaximum load 300kg (47 stone) 

    £130.49 with VAT Relief
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  12. Ultralight - Combi Telescopic Ramps
    Ultralight - Combi Telescopic Ramps Item Code: MS16968
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    These Ultralight - Combi Telescopic Ramps are as practical as they are versatile and have been designed to contend with a range of different situations and scenarios where ramps may be required.
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  13. Aluminium Scooter / Wheelchair & Powerchair Access Ramp - 45cm (18
    Aluminium Scooter / Wheelchair & Powerchair Access Ramp - 45cm (18") Item Code: MS12292
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    Aluminium Scooter / Wheelchair & Powerchair Access Ramp - 45cm (18")This aluminium scooter and wheelchair ramp has been designed for use by wheelchairs and mobility scooters. The ramps can be used to obtain safe access to motor vehicles, buildings and other inaccessible locations. Supplied with fixing pin for step.SpecificationsLength: 18"Width: 30"Lip: 2"Weight: 4KgsMax Load: 228Kgs (36 Stone)

    £72.99 with VAT Relief
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We have chosen our one-piece ramp range to give you a cost-effective solution to making your access easier when operating a wheelchair, powerchair, mobility scooter, or rollator. Now you have a safe and sturdy solution when you need to identify hazards on your journey. With a one-piece ramp, you can easily conquer steps, kerbs, vehicles, stairs, and many other applications that would normally cause you difficulty accessing. We have checked all of our one-piece ramps for quality and performance so that you can buy with confidence, and rest assured that we have tried all of the models ourselves to ensure they meet our stringent criteria. Offered at a range of price points, we make it easy for you to compare all the features, so you can make the best choice that applies to your own needs. We provide free UK-wide delivery on all orders over £30.