Our range of mobility scooter ramps allows for the transfer of your mobility scooter to virtually any vehicle, bus, or other transport, but they are also very useful for allowing your mobility scooter to change levels within buildings, either indoors or outdoors. Mobility scooter ramps are lightweight and compact, so they allow for easy storage when not in use. We have sourced our mobility scooter ramps for everyday robust use, and we sell these to the NHS, private care homes, surgeries, and domestic home users. Our low-cost range of mobility scooter ramps gives you a greater degree of flexibility and allows you to traverse steps and kerbs, access higher building entrances, and gain access to cars, vans, minibuses, and other transport. Our scooter rams are quality-manufactured and are sturdy and secure when in position. They are very easy to assemble and disassemble when not in use. Mobility scooter ramps are a versatile solution to your wider transport and mobility needs; they can be sited more permanently in place or used as a temporary solution as required. Remember that your order qualifies for fast, free UK-wide delivery on orders over £40.

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Mobility scooter ramps give you a wider range of options with your mobility scooter, primarily in increasing the access you can gain and reducing the necessary logistical challenges you face in the home or when using transport with your mobility scooter. All the mobility scooter ramps in our range have been thoroughly tested and are supplied to you as very sturdy and reliable pieces of equipment, suitable for intensive daily use. Our mobility scooter ramps can be sited permanently, or they can be used as an aid to accessing any form of transport or level changes within buildings quickly and easily. The mobility scooter will grip easily to the surface of the ramp, giving the user a feeling of security and peace of mind when traversing gaps or climbing up from ground level up to the level of the transport door. These mobility scooter ramps come with a full warranty and will provide many years of high-quality performance, making your life easier and increasing your freedom to get out and about or enjoy greater access within buildings.

What slope should a scooter ramp be on? 
The slope of a scooter ramp should ideally be no steeper than 1:12, meaning for every inch of rise, there should be at least 12 inches of ramp run. This ratio ensures accessibility and safety for individuals using mobility scooters.

What are the rules for disability ramps in the UK? 
In the UK, disability ramps must adhere to the regulations outlined in the Building Regulations 2010 and the Equality Act 2010. These regulations stipulate that ramps should provide a safe and accessible means of entry and exit for disabled individuals. Ramps should be designed to accommodate wheelchair users, mobility scooter users, and individuals with other mobility aids, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility in public spaces.

What is the minimum gradient for a ramp in the UK? 
The minimum gradient for a ramp in the UK, according to building regulations, is 1:20, which means for every inch of rise, there should be at least 20 inches of ramp run. This gradient ensures ease of use and safety for wheelchair users and individuals with mobility impairments.

What is the maximum allowable slope for a ramp? 
The maximum allowable slope for a ramp in the UK is 1:12. Ramps with steeper slopes may pose safety hazards and difficulties for individuals with mobility issues. Adhering to this maximum slope ensures that ramps are accessible and safe for users, allowing for smooth and comfortable passage.