Our range of ramp platforms provides an essential base at the level you require. The range we supply is designed and constructed of extremely high-quality build and materials. Our ramp platforms give the user peace of mind and security, as well as ensuring comfort both on and off the adjoining ramp. The bases of our ramp platforms is a durable non-slip surface ensuring that whether you are using a wheelchair, powerchair, rollator or scooter, you will feel safe and be protected from any possibility of accidents or slips and falls in proper use of the product. Our Fiberglass Adjustable Height Platform, works in conjunction with our Green & White fiberglass ramps making the ideal combination to perform the function required. 

Ramp Platforms

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Ramp platforms provide the essential area that allows for a change of direction, or as a stopping point to allow the user and the carer an opportunity to make adjustments or perform certain care tasks while on the move. Our quality range of ramp platforms makes it easy, safe and convenient to gain the access improvement you require. Our platforms are fully compatible with scooters, wheelchairs, powerchairs or rollators, or for any other necessary transport types within the weight and dimension tolerances. Our platforms are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre into position, yet they are also easy to move when required. The Fiberglass Adjustable Height Platform, gives operation over a range of heights, read the full specifications for the exact details, it is important to note that this is a special order item with an approximate ETA of 15 working days. No refunds or exchanges can be given on this item.