Why is gardening good for your health?

Why is gardening good for your health?
Why is gardening good for your health?

Gardening provides a wide range of health benefits to people of every age, both physically and mentally. A recent study conducted by Bakker Spalding, found that for 88% of people, mental wellbeing is one of the key benefits of spending time working or just enjoying time in the garden. 

Indeed, many charities are using gardening to bring about positive changes in people’s lives who are living with disabilities or ill health. 

Gardening is a physical activity, therefore encouraging a broad range of movements that encompass multiple parts of the body, so giving enormous health benefits to many people.

The NHS in the UK recommends a minimum of 150 minutes per week of moderate level physical activity for health maintenance and the prevention of many chronic diseases and health conditions. A typical gardener – even a hobbyist gardener – surpasses that recommendation regularly. 

Gardening is an activity that uses most of the body. As opposed to certain tasks and exercises that target just the arms, for example, gardening encourages moderate exertion from all the main muscle groups and the skeletal system. We’re all familiar with the need to “get a breath of fresh air.” Gardening promotes a daily dose of the great outdoors, especially important at the moment with current lockdown restrictions. 

Gardening is regarded by most people, as a calming and relaxing activity. Dedicated time to tending plants provides an opportunity for peaceful thought and focus. For some, caring for a garden becomes akin to a form of meditation, so very beneficial to overall wellbeing. 

Communing with nature is believed in many traditions, to be beneficial to the spirit. Spending quality and enjoyable way to nurture this connection with Mother Nature. This can be physically beneficial and is also mentally stimulating. 

The health benefits of being in nature are widely recognised, and there’s something so very satisfying about looking upon a garden you have grown and enjoying the beauty it provides. And who doesn’t love fresh, homegrown fruits and vegetables? 

It really doesn’t get much better than that! The Intangible Rewards of Gardening also provide many rewards that cannot be measured and brings an opportunity to work with family, friends and neighbours towards a common goal. 

Many of us recall working in the garden with our parents or grandparents in our childhood. The opportunity to continue making memories like that is alive and well in our gardens. 

As we get older, certain mobility issues may change the way we manage a garden, but those issues certainly don’t need to stop us from enjoying such a beneficial activity. 

With a little help, a few adjustments and some new, ergonomically friendly garden tools, you can keep calm and garden on! See more of our complete range of daily living aids for helping you in the garden here 

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