Our Bank Holiday Sale has Savings you can Bank on!

Our Bank Holiday Sale has Savings you can Bank on!

We all love a good Bank Holiday, it's a time to kick back and relax and do a little of whatever you fancy. 

This Early May Bank Holiday we bring you a very special sale that includes the widest selection of our best selling products ever!

That's special offers right across our range and not just limited to the smaller things. 

We bring you genuine savings that you won't see anywhere else and on top of that we offer the country's leading advice and knowledge to help you make the right choices!

This Bank Holiday, positioned just as we look forward to entering the summer months, is an ideal opportunity to stock up on all of the items you need to enjoy your outings, whether for shopping or just for leisure.

Our range of mobility scooters can make visiting even the most sprawling parks, estates and shopping malls something to look forward to, rather than to fear the distances or climbs involved being too much to handle.

If you check out our full range, you'll see that we have models of scooter that are portable and lightweight, that fold easily for travel or storage that are ideal for your occasional outings or shopping trips.

If a more robust outdoor model is required for you to enjoy your countryside pursuits to the full, then an all-terrain model might be just the thing for you.

We're about making your life easier, safer and more comfortable and we have aids for every area of your life, both indoors and outdoors, that allow you to maintain your independence, whatever your lifestyle or level of fitness.

Whatever we can provide to help you live the life you want, in health and comfort is what we will always strive to provide for you. Even something very small like a daily living aid can make such a huge difference.

Enjoy our super Bank Holiday Sale. it's so good to have you with us and part of our online community, we really do love to hear how we are helping you, so keep your reviews coming, it also helps us to spread the word! 

Thanks again for choosing to shop with us.


The Mobility Smart Team


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