Can Electric mobility scooters make us more active?

Can Electric mobility scooters make us more active?
Can Electric mobility scooters make us more active?

Could a mobility scooter really make you more active? Aren’t they going to stop you from moving around, leaving you sitting for the rest of your life?

If you’re getting older and finding that staying fit and active is becoming harder, then you might be pleased to know that buying a mobility scooter could actually improve your fitness.

How can an electric mobility scooter boost activity levels?

If you find it harder to get around, what will you use your energy on? You have a limited amount of mobility each day, and you could end up tired after a walk around the shop as you carry a basket or push a trolley.

Then, you’ll have to get the groceries home. By the time you’ve finished that, you might want (and deserve!) to lie back and put your feet up. You’ve got an important job done, you’ve moved around a little, but have you really made the most of your energy? Is a shopping trip really the best way to tire out your body?

Now, imagine that you’ve got an electric mobility scooter. You can do your shopping with ease. Anything that you buy can be put into a little shopping basket, ready for your journey home. You don’t need to expend your energy or push your body to its limits, which means that your energy reserves are in a better position by the time that you’ve bought your groceries.

Since you’ve been using your mobility scooter, and since you’ve got some energy left, you can now get some real exercise. You might find that you’ve got the strength to go to a gentle fitness class, you might be able to walk around your neighbourhood or might even take a stroll around the park. Suddenly, staying active is more enjoyable and more productive.

So, can a mobility scooter be used part time?

Lightweight mobility scooters don’t come with a contract. They’re not a life sentence. There is no law to say that you need to be constantly using them. You can just use the mobility scooter for things that you’d rather not expend energy on, or for things that are particularly tiring for all the wrong reasons – like dodging toddlers and schoolchildren in the aisles of your favourite supermarket!

If you’ve got concerns about the cost of a mobility scooter, and you’re worried that you should only buy one when you’re ready to use it permanently, then why not choose a pre-owned mobility scooter in your search for a cost effective option?

Why is the right kind of exercise so important?

Even when your body can’t do what it used to, you need to be making the most of everything that it can do. Muscles that you don’t use will grow progressively weaker and weaker. If you don’t push to the limits of your stamina, then your stamina will slowly disappear. If you’re exercising as part of a class, doing yoga or chair exercises, then you’re doing more for your body than a trip to the shop ever could.

Exercise is also great for your mind, which is just as important as you age. You need to keep your mind sharp and alert, and keep your emotional state at its best by seeking social interaction (in the form of classes and groups) and excellent mental wellbeing (from walks in the sun). Again, you might not get the most positive experience from a brief chat with a shop cashier.

Whether you choose a pre-owned mobility scooter or a brand new one with all the best features, a new way to get around could really improve your fitness.

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