Tips on choosing your first Mobility Scooter

Tips on choosing your first Mobility Scooter
Tips on choosing your first Mobility Scooter

At Mobility Smart, we provide people with hundreds of mobility scooters every year and we are always delighted to receive feedback on how the addition of a mobility scooter has made such a positive difference to the individuals concerned, but also their wider friends and families.

That said, we recognise that making the decision to start using a mobility scooter is a big step and it can be a daunting task to think about what actual mobility scooter you would need and where to go about buying one.

The truth is that there are thousands of options available these days. Going back only a relatively few years there was far less choice, so in some ways, it was probably easier as there were only a few makes and models on the market.

But today things are very different as there are many more manufacturers worldwide and they are catering to many different user types within their audiences.

It will come as no surprise to learn that different people use mobility scooters for different reasons and to complete very different tasks every day,

For instance, some mobility scooter users are very heavily dependent on having a scooter that will manage large distances and a requirement for higher speeds and to be fully road legal.

Other mobility scooter users are far less frequent, only needing for shorter journeys and for a far less frequent itinerary.


Here are five tips for choosing your first mobility scooter

Tip 1, Decide on what you need your scooter for…

It may sound like stating the obvious, but in actual fact, choosing the wrong kind of scooter is a very common occurrence and as a mobility scooter can be an expensive purchase, it’s well worth having a think before rushing to buy and making sure you find a scooter that is an ideal match to your individual needs. 

Decide and write down a list of the ways you intend to use your mobility scooter and the kinds of places you will be visiting on it. Think about where these places are located in relation to where you live and Google how far that distance is so you can then calculate the kind of range capability your scooter will need to accomplish this.

Think also about the kind of slopes and general terrain where you will be anticipating using your mobility scooter, is it fairly flat where you live, or are you likely to be encountering hills and irregular surfaces and tricky terrains. 

Navigating more slopes and uneven terrain could mean that your mobility scooter will need a requirement for more power and even a more specialised model if you are thinking of using it for any sporting activities.

Tip 2, Decide on your budget…

Of course, mobility scooters are spread across a wide range of price points and it can save time and energy if you are pitching your intended purchase at the level that you can comfortably afford.

Generally, smaller and more compact mobility scooters with a lower power output come with a smaller price tag and if these models fall within your intended usage scenario, then this price band will be a good option. 

Larger mobility scooters that are faster and with higher power and greater range, (generally those models that are designed for using on UK roads) will come at a higher price point but there are many levels of pricing that fall between these two points.

Deciding on an amount of money for your purchase that you can easily afford will give you more preparation for your purchase and you can rule out models that are not within the financial boundaries you have set. 

Tip 3, Consider buying used or refurbished…

Buying a used or refurbished mobility scooter can be a good idea as you can sometimes save hundreds of pounds on what the buying new price would be. 

Many mobility companies will have a discounted area of their store or website, for example, ours at Mobility Smart is here

Buying used does not mean you are getting a lower quality mobility scooter, but it can make getting your hands on a more fully featured model within your budget.

Used mobility scooters will almost certainly come with a guarantee from the vendor and may have options to extend this guarantee for a small additional cost.

Tip 4, Are you using in the UK or for travelling abroad?

Again, going back to point one, many headaches can be prevented by really thinking about how you intend to use your mobility scooter and one of those considerations that can be easily overlooked is international travel.

It can be far less practical taking a heavy and bulky mobility scooter on a plane, ferry or cruise liner and there could potentially be charges levied to accommodate heavy and unwieldy mobility equipment.

Whereas, a much lighter weight folding mobility scooter can be much better suited to taking on your travels, as this compact portability lends itself much more to travelling both in the UK and internationally.

If travel is a consideration for you, then it can make good sense to do your own due diligence ahead of buying your mobility scooter to find out how that fits into your travel plans and luggage considerations.

Many international locations will of course have the facility to hire a mobility scooter on arrival that can be a good option for many people.

Tip 5, Don’t be put off by what others say! It’s your life.

As we said at the beginning of this article, we recognise that starting to use a mobility scooter can be a big step, and that includes emotionally, as well as on any other level. 

Making the decision that you need a little help with your mobility can take some coming to terms with as, of course, you would much prefer to have the strength and fitness you may have previously enjoyed when your mobility was not an issue.

All we can say on this part, is to take your time and just get more familiar with the idea before you rush in. Be assured that every person who successfully integrates a mobility scooter into their lifestyle has been on the same journey and has taken the plunge to give it a go, and we have many thousands of users to back this up!

We can reassure you that if and when you do decide to potentially use a mobility scooter to help you get around, it will open up many more avenues towards getting out and about, meeting new people and enjoying an expanding social sphere, as you are no longer the one having to stop for rests, or going home early.

It’s also true that for their own reasons, others including members of your friends and family may not be accepting of you using a mobility scooter, and while we would never say to ignore peoples’ viewpoints, ultimately it’s your life, your freedom and your comfort that really matters, so it really comes down to making your own decision.

We hope that this article can at least give you some guidance, all our product descriptions for our mobility scooters are comprehensive and make comparing individual features and benefits easy.

Want to take a look around? Visit our extensive range of mobility scooters on our dedicated page here, simply use the side menu to see main categories so you can explore with ease!


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