Our Big Summer Sale is NOW ON!

Our Big Summer Sale is NOW ON!

Whilst we cannot control the weather, we can bring you a Big Summer Sale to remember and hopefully go some way to make up for the less than impressive weather that we have all been experiencing over the last few weeks.

Our Big Summer Sale brings you great savings and the opportunity to seek out some very special deals that will leave others in the shade!

If you have been enjoying getting out and about, you’ll realise that being a visitor or a tourist can be pretty exhausting! With all the walking and standing around, sometimes it’s nice to have the option to take the weight off your feet.

With mobility products like walkers, mobility scooters and wheelchairs, gone are the days when you were forced to miss out on summer outings and excursions. At Mobility Smart, we are firmly about giving you choices that can make your personal mobility a priority.

When you shop with us, you are receiving high quality products that have been chosen for practicality, robustness and ergonomic design. We love to be able to help you to maintain your independence and freedom, whatever your age or physical condition.

Our Big Summer Sale is a further opportunity to help you, but this time in your pocket, as we bring you some of the lowest prices around, with a choice of thousands of heavily discounted products and categories.

Thanks so much for choosing to shop with us, we never take your custom for granted and we will always push to make your shopping experience as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible.

Your reviews are especially welcome, and a big thanks to all of you who help us in this way. We read all your reviews and we are very grateful for your help in spreading the word about us. 

Enjoy our Big Summer Sale and thanks for being in our community!


The Mobility Smart Team 


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