Preparing for spring outings, enjoy getting out there!

Preparing for spring outings, enjoy getting out there!
Preparing for spring outings, enjoy getting out there!

When it feels like the winter has lasted far longer than it should and with all the bad weather that accompanies it, it’s a great feeling to see the lighter evenings coming along and to get the feeling of warmer weather to come, encouraging us to venture out and enjoy the sunshine.

For some of us, mobility can be a problem and can sometimes prevent us from fully enjoying getting out and about as we’d like, because it can be simply difficult to walk long distances and there’s the worry of inconveniencing others if we have to stop for the occasional break, or simply feel that we can’t keep up as we used to.

It’s actually something we hear a lot from at Mobility Smart and we promise you, you are far from alone in these concerns. Getting the help you need, or even coming to terms with the fact you’re not as young and spritely as you once were can be difficult topics to come to terms with.

For many, the step of buying equipment such as a mobility scooter or wheelchair can be both disappointing, as we finally admit our lack of mobility is something we can no longer ignore, also frightening, as there’s the worry about social stigma and what response we’ll receive as we’re out and about using our new mobility equipment.

The big trade-off is that with that additional help of a mobility scooter, (or even a wheelchair if required), is that we can now take part and fully participate in outings, shopping trips and activities as we don’t need to worry about fatigue and having to stop to recover.

Modern mobility scooters are far from the dull, slow and creaky models of yesteryear, todays’ models are actually very high tech and are designed for a younger target audience, who demand increasingly modern colours, materials and ergonomics.

An example of such a model of mobility scooter is the Invacare Leo Mobility Scooter this beautifully designed mobility scooter has a compact footprint, so it’s very nifty in busy areas and supremely easy to drive and manoeuvre with a tight turning circle. The model featured comes in an attractive blue colour.

For the price of a long weekend away, you’ll have a piece of equipment that can help you get out and enjoy the weather and your leisure activities again and again.

We hear so many new customers having tried this scooter for the first time, congratulate themselves on a great choice as they see their social options greatly widen and find that they no longer have to refuse opportunities to get out there and join in due to their mobility problems.

Another very popular option amongst our customers is our Folding Lightweight Mobility Scooter the model featured here is in a stunning metallic red and the beauty of this scooter, as well as its obvious aesthetics is that it is extremely easy to fold and goes into a compact and lightweight package for easy carriage in vehicles, or even for international travel.

There really are so many options of mobility scooter to help you make the most of getting out and about, and it’s not just for leisure outings. Just for getting out to the shops, visiting the hairdresser, doing daily errands, all so much easier and less physically taxing with a modern mobility scooter as your willing companion!

For those of you who just want the occasional help, or temporary if you are recuperating from an illness or injury, then our superb range of wheelchairs can give you a big boost in enabling you to leave the house in comfort and safety.

We have so many wheelchairs to choose from at all price points, so you’ll find our range both affordable and packed with modern features.

Models come in both attendant and self-propelled wheelchairs, as well as fully powered wheelchairs that operate from simple to use onboard controls and powered by long-life batteries.

Our Alu Lite Lightweight Wheelchair is a great example of a modern lightweight attendant wheelchair, this attractive model in blue gives the user a high degree of comfort and allows for easy attendant manoeuvrability with minimal additional weight from the wheelchair itself.

Ideal for outings, shopping trips, running errands, holidays, in fact, extremely versatile for either indoor or outdoor use as it folds down quickly and easily for transport or when storing at home.

The Foldalite Trekker Folding Electric Wheelchair comes with a truly eye-catching, confident presence with modern design, colour scheme and the very latest technology, brought together for exceptional performance and as your reliable travel companion wherever you go!

Fully foldable into a compact shape and size, very easy to lift, to store or for travelling with.

This model comes in either silver or red and has been designed to afford rider comfort having advanced suspension and anti-tip wheels.

The Foldalite Trekker opens up far more options for travel and outings as it has been designed to be robust and powerful enough to tackle off-road terrains, so allowing more of a hike on trails and paths if you so desire.

As with all mobility equipment, it’s just a case sometimes about being honest with yourself about your own capabilities and what you want from life.

We hear so many times from customers who have made the decision to purchase, that they wish they’d done it sooner, as it’s opened up so many more social and leisure options they’d let slide as their physical abilities dictated.

It’s a real pleasure for us at Mobility Smart to see first-hand how we’ve made this difference and that we’ve given back a level of independence and confidence through simply providing equipment and advice that can help.

Take a look at our full range of mobility scooters here and you can view all our available wheelchair types and models here

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