Flexyfoot - Grippier sticks for walking confidence

Flexyfoot - Grippier sticks for walking confidence
Flexyfoot - Grippier sticks for walking confidence

One of the things that can really make you lose confidence in your walking, is when you lose your grip or fall after slipping or losing your grip on uneven surfaces. 

As well as the potential for injury, there is also having to spend weeks to build up the courage to walk upright and have trust in your balance again.

Flexyfoot realised the need for a better walking stick, that would enhance grip and offer better protection for slips and slides, especially outdoors on unpredictable terrains. 

One of the key areas where Flexyfoot realised there was most danger for walkers using traditional walking sticks was in the ferrule. So they developed a revolutionary uniquely designed Flexyfoot ferrule. 

This ferrule offers a much greater area of grip that adjusts to the gradient of the surface in any direction, whereas traditional ferrules remain stiff and unyielding which creates the potential for a loss of grip.

With the Flexyfoot ferrule, such problems are greatly eradicated with the patented design that finds a load bearing grip on virtually any surface, and equally at home outdoors or indoors.

It equates to enhancing user confidence and enabling greater walking coordination across multiple surfaces and terrains in either wet or dry conditions. 

The extra support and surety of the drip means that greater distances and more frequent outings are possible, with far less risk of slips and falls - indeed the foot tread offers up to 50% more grip than standard ferrules!

Users of Flexyfoot have given rave reviews about the product in how it has revitalised their appetite for greater physical activity now that they are no longer so concerned about losing grip in inclement conditions. 

Flexyfoot ferrules are particularly adept in Autumnal and Winter conditions where with the addition of fallen leaves, ice, rain and even snow, the Flexyfoot ferrule takes it all in its stride.

The Flexyfoot range has gone on to develop into a range of crutches as well as walking sticks giving far greater options for general use, or for use after injury or for periods of recovery and recuperation.

As the picture shows, another aspect of Flexyfoot walking sticks is the portability, as they easily fold in two places along the shaft of the stick to enable carrying and storage both easily and safely.

Whenever required the Flexyfoot walking stick can be unfolded in seconds and used as required. 

As well as enhancing balance and coordination the Flexyfoot walking stick and ferrule enable a greater degree of shock absorbency. this means that not only is balance much better, but also the comfort of your walk is also enhanced, making for more enjoyable experiences when you’re out and about.

The comfortable derby style handle gives a feeling of additional grip and is ergonomically shaped so the hand easily fits perfectly around its contours.

Mobility Smart are official stockists of Flexyfoot walking sticks, ferrules and crutches you can see our full range here

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