Why are my hobbies becoming harder?

Why are my hobbies becoming harder?
Why are my hobbies becoming harder?

We all have things that we love to do, and whether that is simply reading or cooking, or something more adventurous, it’s very good for our mental health to pursue the things that bring us calm and enjoyment.

But over time, or as we are advancing in years, the things that we take for granted can become harder to do and this can lead to frustration and a reduction in our general self-confidence.

This may be due to things like a general weakening of the hands or limbs, or even due to not being able to see things as sharply as before and finding that there is a strain to read things like book text or the copy on jars and labels.

What can start out as a slight irritation can become more serious as we begin to get angry that there is a barrier preventing us from our normal activities that used to bring happiness and enjoyment.

It can also then lead to us ceasing the activity altogether, making the decision that it’s easier not to attempt the task at all, than to struggle on with it.

This is indeed a solution, but often not a satisfactory one, as with the reduction in activity and socialisation there is the inherent danger of becoming isolated and a feeling of not being part of things, that can then create a feeling of anxiety or even symptoms of depression. 

Jar OpenerAt Mobility Smart, one of our great joys in the business is that we are able to help many people sustain their activities, hobbies, interests and sports well into their seventies, eighties, nineties and beyond.

We do this by providing living aids that can fill in the gaps where the physical barriers are overcome by innovative and expert solutions. 

An example of this is to be found in the kitchen, so many of us enjoy cooking and preparing meals for friends and family, but being held back by a stubborn bottle or jar lid can really put a dampener on things. Especially if there is nobody in the immediate vicinity to offer help.

Chopping boardSo reaching for a daily living aid that can help in this frequently occurring problem, can be a real help allowing you to shine as you always did! 

Or what about slicing, dicing and chopping - again there are many aids that can help in this area so that you can easily coordinate and manage these tasks without the frustration and mess of doing it alone.

Even the daily cuppa can be made easier as many of us who find that lifting a heavy kettle can be a real problem and the action of lifting, filling and coordinating to fill small cups can be hard to manage, and even a safety risk for some.

Outside the walls of the home, there are many ways that aids can make life easier and in so many ways that there are far too many to mention here.

Kettle TipperMany people feel unsafe wandering out into the garden, especially in wet weather as they are rightly concerned about losing grip or negating steps and uneven surfaces often found in and around garden areas. 

But with the addition of aids such as grab rails and ramps, many of these hazards can be successfully overcome, so that more enjoyment can be experienced in the garden and outdoor spaces without having to miss out on fresh air and activities.

Then when it comes to gardening itself, many people, as they become a little older and possibly less mobile, find that they are beginning to let things go, as they find they are struggling with some of the more physical gardening tasks.

Grab railBut yet again, there are many aids that can help with this, with everything from long reach gardening tools that mean less bending over, to reachers and grabbers that save on the legs and can prevent lower back strain.

If getting down on to the knees feels painful, especially if you are kneeling on harder surfaces such as paths or driveways, then a garden kneeler can feel much more comfortable under the knees and allow for longer periods of gardening without having to stop due to painful knees.

In fact, there are really very few activities that are not covered by some daily living aid or other, as manufacturers have carefully studied the areas of most common difficulty in the home or garden and looked to come up with affordable solutions.

PadThis covers even the simple enjoyment of reading a book or magazine, many people struggle on trying to read small text and even reading glasses are not effective as the type can be too small and create eye strain and headaches.

But very few people know that there is a whole page magnifier available that can magnify a whole page at a time, making everything much easier to read and understand. 

Now everything from magazines, newspapers, journals, maps to recipe books in the kitchen can be read with ease and without the scrunched up eyes trying to bring it into focus! 

For the physically active of all ages, sports and outdoor interests don’t have to stop due to age. Not when there are so many supports and aids that can help in revitalising limb strength and aid in balance and coordination. 

TapeOur store has everything from kinesiology tapes, to anti-inflammatory creams, to braces, pads and support pillows through to state of the art walking sticks - virtually everything to keep you active and not have to stop what you love to do outdoors!

The truth is, that hobbies don’t necessarily have to become harder as we get older, but we may be wise to look at solving the potential issues we face, and not be too proud to admit that we need a little help here and there.

Indeed, we have received thousands of letters and messages over the years that are testament to the fact that through the products and solutions we provide, we help to keep thousands of people active and enjoying doing what they love, whatever the obstacles they may face.

If you find any featured products of interest in this article, it’s simple to search and buy on our website. All the categories are listed and you will find that many of the products are available in our comprehensive Daily Living Aids section.

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