We are now Authorised Stockists of the full Gama range!

We are now Authorised Stockists of the full Gama range!
We are now Authorised Stockists of the full Gama range!

We are delighted to now be authorised stockists of the full Gama range of infection prevention products, it’s an exciting development for us and so here’s a brief look at the incredible product ranges we’ll now be stocking and the many features and benefits they can bring to you.

Most practitioners and healthcare professionals will agree that there has never been a time in history when infection prevention has been higher on their agenda. 

The recent Covid pandemic highlighted just how vulnerable society can be and how relatively well protected environments could still harbour potentially dangerous pathogens, like Covid 19, as well as other tough to control bugs.

Outside of the clinical arena and professional environments, the public have a much more heightened awareness of infection prevention and there has been a big movement for the ordinary consumer to push towards greater hygiene and cleanliness in the home, whether they currently enjoy good health or not.

So how does the Full Gama product range help the fight against dangerous pathogens and where are the products most effective?

Gama is a leading manufacturer based in Hertfordshire, who specialise in infection control with products focused on ease of use and versatility. Gama also has offices in Australia and China, giving the company a truly global capability.

Rediair Instant air filtration

In poorly ventilated areas, that can be found in many hospital and clinical areas,  aerosols can remain in the air for prolonged periods of time that creates a risk of increasing spreading potentially harmful infections.

Rediair is an instant air purification device that prevents these aerosols from entering the airflow and creating potential problems.

Rediair provides clean air in any environment where air quality and purity is important such as in healthcare settings. Rediair works by capturing tiny particulates, odours and 99.995% of all airborne pathogens.

In poorly ventilated spaces, Rediair provides an almost instant air purification solution.

Clinell infection Prevention

By way of an introduction, Clinell infection control wipes are definitely not a new phenomenon, indeed the UK’s NHS has been a leading advocate for the Clinell range which is used in many hospitals, clinics and surgeries across the UK.

Clinell wipes, gels and sprays give the clinical and medical professional peace of mind in enabling simple infection prevention by means of their patented 2-in-1 detergent and disinfectant formulation across its Universal Range.  

Clinell provides hospital-grade protection that contributes to reducing the risk of infection, both on skin and across the plethora of surface types in any hospital, surgical or clinical setting.

One of the strong parts of Gama’s company ethos is that of ultimately saving lives globally. Research shows that each year, over four million people in Europe contract a healthcare-associated infection.

Improving both hand and environment hygiene are essential steps to break the chain of infection transmission in clinical, or even domestic environments. 

Clinell is a range of high-quality products which can reduce pathogens and harmful microorganisms before they have a chance to escalate and become a danger to health and ultimately life.

Carell Professional Care Range

The Carell Professional Care Range can revolutionise the many aspects of bed-bathing and personal care, promoting both the highest levels of hygiene and infection control, but also providing patient comfort and dignity.

The Carell Professional Care Range comprises two main sections, that being the Bedbath range and the Personal Care Wipes Range.

Firstly, the Bedbath Range is specifically designed and formulated to enable a complete rinse-free bed bathing solution, but also with a unique moisturising formula that provides exceptional comfort both during and after the bath itself.

Carell bedbath products deliver a full body wash in a single product, so they can save valuable time spent looking for supplies and equipment in the clinical setting. The wipes in the range come with a patented skin-pH neutral formula that allows for gentle yet effective cleansing.

The Carell bedbath wipes contain aloe vera and active moisturisers that can contribute towards maintaining healthy skin in the patient, they are also dermatologically tested and alcohol, lanolin and paraben free. 

The Carell Personal Care Wipes range comprises skin-friendly patient care wipes that are both gentle and effective.

These wipes have a unique combination of moisturisers that have been designed to promote softer, healthier skin, this aids in both patient comfort and dignity, as well as making the job for the carer more pleasant and easy.

Carell Personal Care Wipes have been formulated with a unique dermatologically-tested formula which is paraben, lanolin and alcohol-free, so promoting a more gentler patient care, but with all of the cleaning effectiveness while being also environmentally friendly. 

Carell wipes also contain aloe vera extracts and Vitamin E so they are effective in moisturising the skin and preventing dryness or irritation.

Contiplan Cleansing Cloths

Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis (IAD) prevention has for a long time depended upon the minimisation or avoidance of exposure to faeces or urine, coupled with a regimen of ongoing skin care of cleaning and moisturising to reduce risk of recurrence or escalation.

Contiplan revolutionises this care through combining all these actions in one easy step, so saving time and effort in the application of care and reducing the incidences of IAD significantly.

The cleaning cloths come in handy packs for supreme ease of use so that they can be handily reached for when needed in the clinical care setting.

The patented cream-based formula in Contiplan wipes provides three times the barrier protection, so reducing the risk of incontinence-associated dermatitis.

Reducing the necessary steps in continence care from the traditional three steps to only one, also means that staff compliance is increased as carers prefer the easier application whilst being confident of its effectiveness.

Cleanall Cleaning Cloths

When it comes to general hygiene and cleanliness in the professional setting, it’s the everyday actions that can be the most effective in ensuring that sources of infection are kept to an absolute minimum and risk to patient health and safety minimised.

Cleanall cleaning cloths help in this daily regimen being high quality general cleaning cloths for many applications. They come in handy packs that are coloured in accordance with NHS colour-coding scheme.

These handy cloths come in a range of thicknesses which means they are fully versatile to any cleaning task at hand. They are also strong, durable and super-absorbent so making short work of stubborn cleaning tasks.

Cleanall cleaning cloths are suitable for use for many applications and scenarios, which include general areas, such as wards, offices and in public areas. 

They are suitable for both wet or dry uses, providing a very useful and reliable tool for any general cleaning application.

So there’s a roundup of the selection of products from our new partnership with Gama. We hope you will enjoy using and exploring the range as much as we are looking forward to stocking them for you. Let us know any comments or how you’ve found using the range.

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