The Rollz Motion Rhythm - Greater independence for Parkinson’s sufferers

The Rollz Motion Rhythm - Greater independence  for Parkinson’s sufferers
The Rollz Motion Rhythm - Greater independence for Parkinson’s sufferers

For anybody suffering from neurological diseases, such as Parkinson’s or multiple Sclerosis, and others, there can be an associated loss of confidence and coordination creating frustration and potential isolation. 

The act of walking can be extremely difficult, with balance and forward motion difficult to control, Parkinson's patients, for example, can sometimes experience sudden, short and temporary episodes of inability to move the feet forward, even though they have the intention to walk.

The Rollz Motion Rhythm has been developed especially to help in these situations, so promoting greater user confidence, coordination and independence. 

This walker is also beneficial for physiotherapists and other professionals who are assisting patients with neurological disorders, or those recovering from brain injury, needing recuperation and helping them to regain confidence in moving during their treatment cycle.

The Rollz Motion Rhythm includes the same frame as the highly popular Rollz Motion, yet with certain adaptations in the form of an electronic module that has been added to provide visual, audible and tactile stimuli.

This stimulus is extremely helpful for those with neurological conditions, as the variable signals act to provide the necessary cues, for people with Parkinson's or a disrupted walking pattern.

The three cues come in the form of a laser line, which encourages the user of the Rollz Motion Rhythm to start moving. 

Further to this, a metronome sets a rhythm, that allows the user to coordinate efforts to walk, in time with the pulse of the metronome.

Lastly, the vibration effect in the handles provides a sensation where the rhythm of the metronome is easily felt in the hands and wrists, acting as a silent cue to further maintain momentum and forward motion.

The three cues above, can be adjusted to perfectly fit each user’s needs in terms of speed, intensity and duration.

This short video has more information on some of the unique features and benefits of the Rollz Motion Rhythm:

Mobility Smart, as a national mobility goods retailer, has been providing the Rollz Motion Rhythm into the NHS and to other private health establishments and clinics throughout the UK.

Physiotherapists have lauded great praise on the Rollz Rhythm, as it helps to unfreeze the gait of patients and has the multiple cues to stimulate coordinated movement. 

In the short video below, you can see an actual Parkinson’s patient benefiting from the cues to assist in walking rhythm and coordination:


Now available to the public

The same equipment that is used by professionals in clinical and healthcare settings is now available to home users throughout the UK, delivering the same benefits and with easy to follow instructions and simple set-up.

As well as the obvious benefits to Parkinson’s sufferers, and for many other neurological conditions, the comfort aspect is also one worth mentioning, as the Rollz Motion Rhythm has many features promoting user comfort and a touch of luxury.

This is seen in its soft cushioned seat and height adjustable handles that assist in promoting good posture.

The wheels are foam filled, so have the benefit of being natural shock absorbers, smoothing out the bumps and rough terrain on outdoor surfaces, whilst being superbly grippy on smooth indoor surfaces.

When not in use the Rollz Motion Rhythm folds easily for transport or storage, the full unit is also lightweight, coming in at only 11.6Kgs, which carries an impressive maximum user weight of 19.5 stones.


Nationwide demonstrations available

We are now offering demonstrations of the Rollz Motion Rhythm, nationwide.

These demonstrations are completely free of charge and there is no obligation to purchase and no pressure to buy from the demonstrator, who is there to help you and can answer any questions you may have. 

We think that seeing the Rollz Motion Rhythm first-hand and being shown the many features and benefits for yourself, gives you the best opportunity to make your decision. 


Arrange a demonstration of the Rollz Motion Rhythm 

If you would like to arrange a home demonstration, call us now on 0800 567 7222 or email us at:

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