No Rinse shampoos & Body Washes - why are so many people choosing No Rinse?

No Rinse shampoos & Body Washes - why are so many people choosing No Rinse?
No Rinse shampoos & Body Washes - why are so many people choosing No Rinse?

In the current times, with the ever-present threat created by the global Covid-19 pandemic, it’s no surprise that people are taking much greater care over their general hygiene, but one of the most striking aspects of this has been the increase in the use of no-rinse shampoos and no rinse body washes. What could be the reason for this?

A long-time favourite of outdoor enthusiasts and campers, no rinse shampoos and body washes are so popular because they allow a full wash of body and hair without the need for running water to rinse off the product.

This convenience has now become known to a much wider range of people who want a speedy way to keep clean and hygienic on the go, when running water may not be readily available, and certainly as the normal public facilities for washing are not available under the current restrictions.

As well as people who need the convenience of a no rinse formula, there are other users who do so due to having a disability or recovering from injury, where its hard to get to the normal bathroom facilities that others take for granted.

So the peak in interest and use of no rinse shampoos and body washes is in no doubt due to the Coronavirus conditions, but what other factors make it a desired option for so many people over and above normal shampoos or soap and water?

Another reason is due to economy. the products that fall under the no rinse category can be used in small quantities and do not attract the premium pricing of many other brands of traditional soap and water products.

The fact that hot water, or any water is not required also means that it saves on both water and energy bills over time, which in the current economic uncertainty, has been an attractive feature for many people.

For the elderly, no rinse shampoos and body washes are also particularly effective as they alleviate the risk of injury and hazards like the stairs when they are trying to keep clean and hygienic using the traditional methods of cleanliness that require running water.

No rinse shampoos and body washes can be applied where the elderly person is sitting and then can be easily dried using a normal towel, for fast drying that does not lower the body temperature during the process.

The no rinse process can also reduce the stress and anxiety that the elderly face when it comes to time to wash.

For those patients suffering from dementia, this reduction in stress can be a big help to carers and family, as they can now provide a hygienic wash without the fuss and stress of a traditional wash in shower or bathroom.

In a completely different scenario, the no rinse shampoos and body washes are a long-term favourite of long-distance lorry drivers, as they sometimes find it difficult to keep as clean as they would wish, with limited facilities being available when they are on the road.

No rinse shampoos and body washes can enable those with occupations that take them away from normal washing facilities to keep their hair and bodies clean whilst out on the road.

Take a look at our full range of no rinse shampoos and no rinse body washes here.

You will also see that we provide a range of no rinse shampoo caps, that give the convenience of a full hair wash by simply wearing the cap.

Prior to use, you simply place the No Rinse Shampoo Cap in a microwave to warm it up, this then provides the best feeling of warmth for the head.

Once it’s heated, you simply place the cap on your head and massage until the hair feels saturated. No additional conditioner is required.

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