Mobility Scooters - what’s in a colour?

Mobility Scooters - what’s in a colour?
Mobility Scooters - what’s in a colour?

ms33255There are many considerations when looking into buying a new mobility scooter and of course, there are a plethora of features and benefits to each to choose from.

So does the colour of your mobility scooter matter? Does anybody notice the colour of your mobility scooter and should personal taste and style come into making the decision on your mobility scooter?

Everybody will remember the famous Henry Ford quote from 1909 when he said, “You can have any colour of Ford, as long as it’s black”.

CruiserWell things have certainly come a long way since then and of course today, the colour of our cars is seen as an integral part of the decision making process and manufacturers these days are always coming up with new tempting and fashionable colours to make you choose their brand and model of car.

So as we see it, a mobility scooter is just another car in many ways in that if you use a mobility scooter it becomes an important part of your life and a piece of equipment on which you are probably going to want to stamp your own personality upon.

Choosing the colour of your mobility scooter is therefore an equally important factor in making your choice. It’s also a feature on which you may want to counsel other family members about when you make your choice.

Colours in some ranges of mobility scooters are sometimes limited, but this is changing all the time as manufacturers are realising that customers do actually like this level of personalisation on their mobility scooters and for other pieces of mobility equipment.

What are popular colours of mobility scooters?

This really can vary, depending on the availability of colours by the manufacturer and also the age range and specialisation of the chair itself but colours that do seem to be ever popular are reds and blues, as well as grey shades and of course black!

Many scooters today also have a metallic finish to the paint which further enhances the colour and complements well with chrome or black fittings and accessories.


FreeriderWhat colour of mobility scooter should I choose?

This is a matter of personal choice and therefore should be considered carefully, some people may have a colour that they have always admired, for others it may be the red or blue of their favourite football team! 

As with the colour of the cars we drive, we see choosing the colour of your mobility scooter as an important factor and not one to simply overlook or see as not being important.

This is a piece of equipment you will be using often and one that you’ll be using out in public, so it’s a good idea to get it right so that you use your mobility scooter knowing that your personal expression and style are on display.


RangerCan I customise the colour of my mobility scooter?

Although the colour of mobility scooter you buy is only limited to the colours they offer in that model, some people do go on to change the colour of their mobility scooter to their own tastes once they have made their purchase.

This is similar to how cyclists will often re-colour their cycle frames to their own tastes or to their team colours.

There are services that you can find for this on the internet, but a note of caution is to always ensure the firm is reputable as some re-sprays will require disassembly and reassembly and there is the inherent risk that an inexperienced company may not complete this process properly and invalidate your guarantee. 

Therefore always check this with the manufacturer of your scooter and get reviews from your chosen service provider that they have a good track record in this area.

If you love the look of some of the colours we’ve featured in this post, you can view hundreds of different mobility scooters across many colourways, simply visit our Mobility Scooters page to see our incredible range of colours and styles - all offered across very affordable to luxury price points.

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