Looking forward to outings after lockdown

Looking forward to outings after lockdown
Looking forward to outings after lockdown

With the huge advances in the roll-out of vaccines against Covid-19 and the success this is having in stopping the spread of infection, many are now looking forward to the freedoms ahead and to finally be able to venture on outings, day trips and holidays with friends and family.

The outline plan of the relaxation of lockdown meant a phased re-introduction of freedoms, ranging from the end of Work from Home and other full lockdown restrictions over several months, culminating in June 2021 when, if all goes to plan, a full return to our previous freedoms.

This may go as far as even not having to wear a mask, although this has yet to be confirmed, but is definitely a possibility as long as the all-important stats on new infections go the right way.

So looking at the situation positively, many people have been going ahead with previous or new travel plans including holidays abroad and closer to home. 

After the Government announced the easing of lockdown measures, there was a huge surge in bookings for air travel, with some firms reporting a 300% increase in bookings directly after the announcement.

But it may not just be travel, for many of us, just the prospect of being able to visit a nearby beach or park and enjoy a coffee in a café with friends, is enough to get us excited.

As is the prospect of once again, being able to celebrate family occasions and milestone celebrations in pubs and restaurants, without having to resort to Zoom! 

Mental health benefits

it’s been a regularly reported fact across the media that mental health across the young and the elderly has been a major problem, and one that is likely to continue long after lockdown has been fully lifted.

But the ability for us all to get out and about more can be a very good antidote to the social isolation many have experienced over many months since lockdown began.

It’s well known that socialisation is very important, and it can only be a very good thing if finally, we can meet with relatives and enjoy social chat and interaction that is so important for us all.

For many, it will be a major relief not only to be able to see relatives at home or in care homes, but the joy of being able to take them out for a day-trip, or a simply shopping trip will be so beneficial to overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Of course, getting out and about after lockdown is a massive step forward, but for some, thoughts turn towards mobility and some of the potential logistical problems of travel and making the most of the post-lockdown opportunity.

The good news is that there are a plethora of mobility aids and Daily Living Aids that can make enjoying the great outdoors, or even shops, bars and restaurants a stress-free experience to be enjoyed.

One of the questions you may be asking yourself, is what exactly will I want to do when I can?

A total end to restrictions, if it happens on 21st of June, will mean that the full scope of activities and outings will resume, so really at that point you’ll have as much choice as you ever did. 

But in the weeks ahead, out of March and into April of this year, there are many other outings that can be enjoyed, not least the ability to enjoy having a drink in your local beer garden, as outdoor venues are reopened.

For some, it might just mean, that you can go and shop to make your home or garden nice for the summer and getting on with al those odd jobs around the place.

Daily Living Aids are a great idea for if you need that little bit of extra help, especially for tasks that involve, lifting, reaching or kneeling in the garden when you are tending to your flower beds or planting.

Whatever you have planned, make the most of this year and all of the freedoms it promises as we move ahead into the year, if the lockdown has done anything positive it has made us appreciate what our freedoms really mean to us and the value of being able to get out and about.

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