Is Rediair the answer to poorly ventilated areas?

Is Rediair the answer to poorly ventilated areas?
Is Rediair the answer to poorly ventilated areas?

The threat created by airborne pathogens can be very real, especially in those areas where the levels of air movement and ventilation are poor.

This may occur in corridors, lesser used spaces and public areas where there is little natural air flow and insulation provides a warm breeding ground for potential pathogens.

One of the best solutions to the conditions that create infection risk in public spaces is provided by Rediair, which is an instant air purification device, providing clean air where & when it is needed. 

The Rediair device captures particulates, odours and 99.995% of airborne pathogens, making it an extremely effective solution for reducing the risk created by poorly ventilated areas that otherwise are a perfect breeding ground for bugs.

Once in place, Rediair is effective almost instantly, which means that there is little to no waiting for its efficacy to be cleansing and freshening stale and dirty air.

This versatility and fast response means that there is total flexibility in how the unit can be deployed and it can be installed wherever and whenever required in your premises.


What makes Rediair so effective?

Rediair’s effectiveness and supreme performance is down to its dual HEPA 14 and carbon filters which capture 10x the particles of a HEPA 13 machine. 

It means that Rediair is fully adaptable to any environment and with its 4 different operating modes, once in place it can begin to decontaminate the surrounding air within a matter of a few seconds.

Bacteria, fungi & viral aerosols become easily solved when Rediair is in place, as the system gets to work in rapidly trapping particles and distracting odours. It makes for fresher and safer public spaces, and especially those that don’t have natural airflow and ventilation.

Where is it best to use Rediair?

Where is it best to use Redair?

The best thing about Rediair is its true versatility, which means that it is so effective in many different and diverse applications. 

Two of the most obvious of these is its use in hospitals and also in office environments. Rediair air purification can instantly solve poor air circulation that can be the source of harmful pathogens and stale, odour saturated air.

In these environments, it is obviously a duty of care for the building operator to ensure that poor ventilation is not creating a potentially harmful healthcare or working environment.

One of the main benefits of Rediair instant air filtration is that it can be applied anywhere it is required and at very short notice. 

The lightweight and portable units can be placed anywhere where a solution is needed and from the moment they are switched on, the effects are felt almost instantly.


Rediair for Hospitals

Redair for Hospitals

It is obvious that the modern hospital environment needs to be both sterile and with as little infection risk indicators as possible.

Even normal actions on the ward, in waiting areas and clinics, such as breathing, talking and coughing can spread pathogens (such as influenza or coronavirus) due to the generation of aerosols or droplets which can spread very quickly and last for over an hour.

Contaminated air is drawn by Rediair, through 3 layers of filtration. The nylon pre-filter, composite carbon cloth and HEPA 14 filters capture particulates as small as 0.3µm and expel purified air back into the room quickly and silently.

The Rediair filtration system provides up to 5 air changes an hour within a space up to 120m3, which is an incredible rate of filtration, providing the ultimate peace of mind for professional healthcare environments.


What does Rediair filter out?

What does Redair filter out?

Redair is a highly portable unit that is fully flexible and can be used in a plethora of applications across offices, hospital areas, clinics, waiting rooms, classrooms and many other spaces.

The list of harmful particles eradicated by Rediair includes: airborne pathogens (bacteria, fungi and viral aerosols), fine and ultra-fine particles, dust, mites, odours and pet dander.

So all together, the Rediair air purification system deals with virtually all potential sources of harm and leaves spaces feeling and smelling fresh and clean.

Find out more about Rediair and purchase online here

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