How to keep your commode clean & hygienic at Home

How to keep your commode clean & hygienic at Home
How to keep your commode clean & hygienic at Home

Your commode can be one of the most useful devices in your home as it allows you to answer the call of nature without the necessity of climbing stairs and having to move too far from where you are seated or where you sleep.

It goes without saying that to get the best use from your commode in your home, you need to keep it hygienically clean and there are many products that can help in this task, so that you get the best performance from your commode whilst keeping infection risks to an absolute minimum.

Putting in place a simple cleaning regime for your commode can make sure that the surfaces are free from both visible dirt and staining, but also from invisible bugs and germs that can quickly accumulate in a commode that is left uncleaned for even short periods.

Below we’ll take a brief look at some of the products that can help to keep your commode hygienically clean in your home.

Clinell Universal Surface Wipes

Clinell are one of the world’s best-known manufacturers of cleaning wipes, Clinell Universal Surface Wipes impressively kill up to 10x more bacteria and viruses than standard household disinfectants.

This powerful cleaning capability and performance means that bacterial and viral infection risk is greatly reduced in your home.

Clinell Universal Surface Wipes clean whilst they disinfect, which means the dual action is much more effective in defeating virtually all common bugs including Covid19.

This makes for easier and faster cleaning and gives you the ability to keep your commode as clean as it would be in any professional clinical setting.

Clinell Universal Surface Wipes are effective from only 20 seconds making it impossible for bacteria or virus particles to get a foothold on your equipment. This powerful cleaning and anti-bacterial action comes with a gentle formulation that is skin-friendly, dermatologically tested and kind to your home surfaces.

The wipes also come in an extra thick wipes version for additional absorption and cleaning power, in packs of 100.

Non-Latex Disposable Gloves

Keeping your hands clean and free from the bugs that can be found on your commode during cleaning is important as it maintains personal dignity of the carer as well as preventing the spread of infectious agents whilst cleaning is taking place.

Modern latex free gloves keep the hands fully covered during the full cleaning operation so that infectious agents are not able to make contact with the skin. Gloves form a preventative barrier that makes the cleaning operation both easier and safer,

Soft to the touch, yet textured for improved grip when wet, the non-latex gloves are non-allergenic meaning that they are suitable for virtually all users, they come in handy packs of 100 so you will have plenty for extended periods of use in the home.


Antibacterial Hand Wipes

To further ensure hygiene control in the home, hand wipes give that added layer of security in that they can quickly wipe away any potential spills or splashes on the hands or arms that may be picked up during the cleaning cycle.

Antibacterial Hand wipes kill 99.999% of bacteria within 10 seconds, with the unique formula remaining effective for 72 hours.

This gives the reassurance and peace of mind that you are fully covered in the event of materials or debris coming into contact with the hands during any operations around the commode in the home environment.

Sanitising wipes contain active moisturisers and are also alcohol and perfume free so are kind to the skin. It means that even with repeated and regular use the skin is protected and will not become sore or chaffed.

An ideal addition to antibacterial handwipes are antibacterial hand gels that eliminate any germs that come into contact with the hands on contact.

Personal Wipes

Personal wet wipes are a great addition to any home environment as they are fully flushable, so can be used as an addition to toilet paper to give a cleaner and more hygienic end result.

Versatile and with fully hypoallergenic ingredients, these wet wipes are handy and can be used in the home daily to ensure cleanliness and infection prevention for patients and carers alike.

A strong re-sealable label prevents the wet wipes from drying out in between use so that they are effective for each wipe right down to the last one in the pack.

Coming in handy packs of 50, these wet wipes gently nourish and moisturise fragile skin, so they are ideal for babies up to the elderly in your home.

Universal Sprays

Disinfectant and antibacterial sprays, such as Clinell Universal Spray can help to keep your commode hygienically clean for longer and are more effective than using a liquid from a non-spray bottle as the spray can reach into more difficult access areas so ensuring a more thorough clean is achieved.

Ideally Universal Sprays clean and disinfect surfaces and non-invasive medical equipment to prevent the spread of both bacterial and viral infectious agents that can be potentially harmful in the home environment.

The patented formula within the Clinell Universal Spray kills 99.99% of germs quickly and then protects for a further 72 hours ensuring maximum protection for longer and minimising any potential infection risks.


Commode Liners

Cleaning a commode pan after every single use can be time consuming and labour intensive, but there is an alternative that can make life easier for the carer and reduce the necessary workload. 

This comes in the form of commode liners that line the pan of the commode for each use so that the waste never touches the sides of the commode and can therefore be removed hygienically without more than just basic cleaning thereafter, as it has only been in contact with the liner itself.

Commode liners increase hygiene and reduce both odours and spillages around the commode so that the general environment in the home is cleaner and without the associated odour of normal commode use without liners.

A highly absorbent inner solidifies waste on contact meaning there is much less risk of liquid splashes or contaminants spreading outside of the commode pan.

Biodegradable medical grade commode liners, in handy packs of 20, are very easy to use and can thereafter be disposed of in household waste after use, further ensuring home disinfection and bacterial control.


An innovative gel that has been designed to trap bodily fluids and then convert them into a dry semi-solid gel that is easily disposed of in regular home waste.

Applied simply before using commodes, bed pans, slipper pans and urinals, as soon as the waste material makes contact with the gel, it gets to work on solidifying the contents so that spillages, splashes and leaks are almost completely eradicated.

Vernagel also minimises residual odours from bodily waste materials, making for a more pleasant and hygienic home environment and the reduction of cross-infection as materials are contained an immobilised within the gel. 

Professional environments

In professional environments. i.e. clinics, hospitals or care homes Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes are more applicable.

This is due the more aggressive cleaning power, that is more effective than chlorine based wipes. Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes are recognised as the most powerful wipes available on the market today.

Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes are especially effective at killing and protecting against hard-to-kill organisms, they can start to work after only 10 seconds after application and therefore they are supremely effective at containing bacterial or viral outbreaks before they have a chance to gain any foothold in the clinical environment.

Impressively, the wipes come with a near-neutral pH formula, that is kind and gentle to surfaces whilst providing the powerful protection outlined. 

The wipes also save time on busy wards and departments, as there is no pre-cleaning required, simply get to work with the wipes alone and the job is done quickly and professionally. 

Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes are also tested to EN 17126, this test is specifically designed to measure a disinfectant’s effectiveness within a medical setting, which is vital to ensure efficacy against clinically important organisms such as C. difficile.

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