Go portable! Finding the best folding Mobility Scooters

Go portable! Finding the best folding Mobility Scooters
Go portable! Finding the best folding Mobility Scooters

Over the years, mobility scooters have undergone rapid evolution to today’s lightweight and highly portable models.

Mobility scooters have become an invaluable mode of transport to those with mobility issues and they are pretty much seen everywhere, allowing users to go on shopping trips, outings, holidays and for many other users without restrictions due to lack of mobility.

Choosing a portable mobility scooter can be a challenge in itself, as there is a plethora of models on the market and each has its own features, benefits and individual technical characteristics. One of the fundamental questions first asked of the potential purchaser is what range is appropriate for my needs? Portable mobility scooters come with different levels of power and range for each charge cycle, so it’s important to decide on the type of journeys you’ll be undertaking and your travel habits/ distances.

So, in this article, we’ll take a look at what we think are four of the best examples on the market today for features across value, specifications and features/ benefits.

The Pride GoGo Elite Traveller 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter is one of the new breed lightweight and compact scooters, ideal for travelling as it can be easily disassembled into five extremely lightweight pieces with the use of just one hand. This attractive scooter is highly durable and from the renowned Pride brand that has built a global following amongst users. For those longer journeys, the seating area and backrest are generously padded and the seat folds and swivels allowing for a fast and seamless transfer. The Pride GoGo Elite Traveller 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter has a maximum range of 16 Kilometres and Max speed of 4MPH.

Portability of mobility scooters has also come with less weight, as manufacturers have sought to make handling, carrying and storage of mobility scooters easier, as well as making them easier to take away when travelling or when boarding a plane.

Three wheeled portable mobility scooters are a great example of a more lightweight build that is ideal for outings and particularly for travel. Having three wheels means obvious weight saving, and yet for that, the Shoprider Whisper Mobility Scooter is both powerful and built with a quality of manufacture that has led to rave reviews from customers and a loyal following.

The model we feature here is in a striking electric blue and also comes in a bright red for maximum kerb appeal.

As its name suggests, the Shoprider Whisper is both great for shopping trips and also come with whisper quiet operation, so the smoothness of ride and handling are nothing short of exceptional.

Unique articulating double front wheels allow the Whisper to travel easily over uneven terrains and surfaces, whether indoors or outdoors.

This portable mobility scooter can be dismantled in a matter of seconds and will fit into even the smallest storage spaces or virtually any sized car boot.

With a maximum range of 16 Km, the Shoprider Whisper is very versatile for any travel and operates at a nippy 4 Mph.

If the weight of your mobility scooter is one of your main considerations, then this Folding Lightweight Mobility Scooter may be the answer to your prayers. One of the lightest scooters available on the market, weighing in at just 21.5 kgs! (47.3 lbs) our Folding Lightweight Mobility Scooter is packed with features and benefits usually associated with much more expensive models. Some of these features include, speed reduction when cornering, an anti-rollback system and the anti-slip footwell carpet, to name just a few of the innovative technical features you can find here

Finally, albeit at the higher end of our budget range, but superb in every detail and really cutting edge for design and features, is the Minimo Autofold Folding Mobility Scooter

This brilliantly designed portable mobility scooter has all the premium details and features one would expect from an award-winning market leader. As the name of this scooter suggests an automated powered folding system makes it ideal for those with mobility issues who don’t want the hassle and potential strain of folding and unfolding their scooter.

With the touch of a button the Minimo Autofold does it all for you, completely effortless on your part and avoiding the risk of injury and at the very least, any inconvenience!

One of the great innovations of the Minimo Autofold is its fusion of carbon fibre and aluminium to create a frame that has amazing strength, yet with an exceptionally light weight for the added motorised functionality of the folding mechanism.

Take a look at the variety of images on our Minimo Autofold Folding Mobility Scooter page that also includes a very informative video where you can see the technology and features in action.

The Minimo Autofold has a range of 16Km and has a top speed of 4 Miles per hour.

So, these are just four of our recommended folding mobility scooters across a range of sizes, features, manufacturers and price points.

You can see more on these, and a wide range of other quality folding mobility scooter models on our website by clicking here

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