Getting out more on Spring days!

Getting out more on Spring days!
Getting out more on Spring days!

With Spring just around the corner, and with warmer days not too far away, many of us are looking forward to getting out and about again and enjoying the great outdoors.

But what if you feel like doing more, but you are concerned that your lack of mobility may be holding you back?

It’s a real concern for a growing number of people as with many outings, careful planning often has to be made to ensure that accessibility is in place at locations, whether they be simple shopping centres, tourist attractions or outdoor spaces.

At Mobility Smart, we help many people who often get through winter, but then are trying to deal with mobility issues that were not there in the previous Spring and Summer period.

It can be quite a mental adjustment to then having to consider our mobility limitations and the fact that we can no longer simply set off and not have to worry about any potential accessibility issues.

But that said, it is often about having some simple support aids with you that can make all the difference to having an enjoyable trip out, or spending time with friends and family outdoors.

A simple walking stick, for example, is a great aid for those who find that they experience fatigue after walking for any distance or who are having to deal with chronic low-level pain that increases the longer that they are on their feet.

Walking sticks and canes come in many shapes, sizes and configurations these days, so there are a plethora of options available for whatever your individual requirements are, and the type of specific mobility issues you are encountering. 

Folding walking sticks make the carrying of your walking aid even easier being so lightweight and easy to carry until the moment aht you need it, when it can simply be unfolded and ready for your immediate use. 

There are even sticks that come with an integral seat, so that if you feel that you need a quick breather on your walk or outing, you can simply unfold the seat and put your weight on your stick until you are ready to start again.

When you know that you are going to be taking on longer distances and you need more than a walking stick, then a rollator can be a good option.

This is basically a frame that has wheels on it that can be folded when not needed so that you can use as and when it is needed. 

Rollators, or Walkers as they are often referred to can be great for tha5t extra support over and above that provided by a walking stick. The other handy addition on most rollator models is a handy shopping bag that can be used for when out shopping or alternatively, to carry one’s personal effects when out and about exploring.

For even longer distances, or for when you are experiencing different terrains and gradients such as are often found at tourist attractions and outdoor spaces, this is when a mobility scooter can come into its own. 

Modern, lightweight mobility scooters are a far cry from their older ancestors, where bulk, size and sheer weight made them impractical. 

Today’s folding mobility scooter is extremely versatile, lightweight and folds down to a very small footprint when not needed.

It can be taken out easily in the boot of the average car and simply gives the peace of mind that you can pretty much go anywhere without the worry of fatigue, disability or tiredness holding you back.

Folding lightweight mobility scooters allow you to travel at a normal walking pace, if not slightly faster in some cases so that you can now keep up with your friends and family and fully enjoy your leisure experiences without compromise.

Getting out more on lovely Spring days, as much about your attitude, as well as the available equipment to help you make it happen.

If you feel that you would benefit from a little help in this area, there are some very useful guides and helpful resources on the Age UK website, see here it may help you to realise you are far from being alone in facing the apprehensiveness of trying to start to get active again.  

The Spring season marks the time of year for fresh starts and the sunnier warmer weather that we (should) be experiencing very soon is a great time to start venturing a little further than our four walls and gardens.

If you have any particular issues you are looking to solve, that you feel a mobility aid could help you, you can contact us via social media or by emailing us directly at:


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