Do I need an off-road mobility scooter?

Do I need an off-road mobility scooter?
Do I need an off-road mobility scooter?

Off-road mobility scooters have gained in popularity over the last few years as customers with outdoor and sporting interests have been searching for a better solution to suit their individual needs and circumstances.

But is an off-road mobility scooter the right choice for those who only occasionally venture into the countryside or on roads that are of variable terrain and gradients?

Often, if the outdoor and countryside element is an infrequent requirement, but additional power and range are needed, then a class 3, or larger more powerful mobility scooter can be a good solution as these are perfectly adaptable to the kinds of paths and roadways found in many leisure locations, such as country parks and estates where there are usually fairly good surfaces.

A large mobility scooter, like the TGA Breeze Midi 4 (shown), are robust to many uses both indoor or outdoor and their increased range and speed as well as being fully road legal, mean that they are versatile to even the most demanding use scenarios.

That said, a large mobility scooter has its limits and is not suited to full-time off road use and going into more demanding terrains and variable surfaces, where they would struggle with these especially treacherous environments.

Any mobility scooter user who does sporting activities, such as shooting or orienteering, may need to seriously consider the use of an off-road mobility scooter.

The reason for this is that an off road mobility scooter has features and properties that make it especially equipped for this use, over the long term.

Off road mobility scooters are great news for outdoor enthusiasts as they provide far more options for getting out and enjoying outdoor pastimes without having to worry about getting stuck, or struggling with power and grip in the more demanding outdoor areas.

An example of a very popular off road mobility scooter is the Pride Ranger Off Road Mobility Scooter this exceptional mobility scooter features large pneumatic tyres that provides excellent grip across all terrains and surface types that can be encountered outdoors.

This mobility scooter has a proven pedigree with ability to handle even the roughest of tracks with ease and surety.

The Pride Ranger is powered by two 75 Ah batteries (supplied) which provide a top speed of 8 mph and offers an excellent range of up to 30 miles.

The Pride Ranger can also easily venture off-track due to its excellent traction and torque which powers it over even more challenging terrains.

In summary, to answer the question, ‘do I need an off road mobility scooter?’ It really comes down to the type of use you have planned and the level of outdoor pursuits you wish to be engaged within.

If you are the active type who loves to be in the countryside and you have a more adventurous side, or you already have interests in outdoor activities you actively follow and participate in, then an off-road mobility scooter will be well worth considering.If, on the other hand, you are more of a general path and road user, but you want to be able to roam across a wider area and with plenty of power and range, then a large (class 3) mobility scooter will probably be more appropriate for you.

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