Lift your scooter or powerchair with ease

Having the use of a scooter or powerchair to aid your mobility is invaluable. The loss of independence is often the most difficult thing regarding limited mobility that many people have to deal with. So, once you have chosen your perfect mobility partner, whether it be a scooter or powerchair, the next challenge is often how to load the equipment into a car so that your independence is totally maintained.

Whilst many scooters and powerchairs are often manufactured from lightweight materials to ease the problem, sometimes especially when help at home is limited, there can still be a problem with lifting into a car boot. An Autochair hoist is the answer to that problem. Autochair are able to manufacture and fit a wide range of hoists which will enable easy, stress-free lifting of your mobility equipment.

The hoists will fit into an estate car, 4x4, MPV or hatchback. If the boot opening on your vehicle is large enough to take the mobility equipment, then the fitting of an Autochair hoist will be no problem. We manufacture a wide range of hoists from the 40kg smartlifter right up to our 200kg model.

All of our models are interchangeable from car to car so no need to worry should you change your vehicle. They enable trouble free lifting of all mobility equipment and when not in use fold down to take up minimal space in the boot of your car. We have a wide range of products available to suit all equipment lifting needs to ensure that you really do get the maximum use out of your mobility products.

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Scooter & Powerchair Hoists

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    AutoChair Smart Lifter
    AutoChair Smart Lifter Item Code: AC1
    FREE Shipping
    The Autochair Smart Lifter is a highly versatile Car Hoist that has been designed to lift Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooter and Powerchairs into and out of a vehicle in just 60 seconds.
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    Elev8 Portable Mobility Scooter Hoist
    Elev8 Portable Mobility Scooter Hoist Item Code: PG31505
    FREE Shipping
    The Elev8 is a Portable Mobility Hoist that is designed for those users that have difficulty when lifting their Mobility Scooter into the car boot.
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