May Bank Holiday Sale

May Bank Holiday Sale
May Bank Holiday Sale
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At Mobility Smart, May is definitely one of our favourite months, as it gives us the opportunity to thank you for being a loyal customer, and with the couple of Bank Holidays thrown in, it’s the perfect door-opener to summer and the opportunity to give you a big sale. Everybody wins!

Our Spring Sale is bursting with great deals across all our departments, so whatever you are looking for, we’re certain to have what you’re looking for. Naturally, with the better weather in the spring and summer months, you’re probably looking at getting away, or even just going out to enjoy some fresh air.

If walking long or even shorter distances is not as easy as it used to be, we have just what you need. Even a simply walking stick or rollator can make a big difference, but if you really want to make the most of getting around, why not consider a mobility scooter?

You’d be amazed at how scooter technology has changed, no longer the chunky slow models in dark colours, today’s super sleek sporty models are smaller, nimbler and great fun to drive. They make going out a pleasure again as you don’t have to worry about your legs getting tired, or even carrying the shopping.

A modern mobility scooter is unobtrusive, so can be used effortlessly on family outings, trips, walks in the country with family and for many other scenarios. If you’d like to discuss the many options, simply give Mobility Smart a call any time and we’d be delighted to help you.

Of course, with the Bank Holidays in May, you’ll probably be thinking about getting more done around your home, or in the garden. That’s where our Daily Living Aids really come into their own. At Mobility Smart, our ever-expanding range of daily living aids has great ideas to make your gardening easier, avoiding the most common aches and strains by lightening the load for you.

If you’re a relative, looking after a disabled or elderly person, you’re often the one with extra weight to carry and constantly seeking ways to make the life of your relative and your own, safer and more comfortable. We’re always looking to innovate, to make your job as a carer easier. Simply browsing around our site can spark off some great ideas, and there’s no better time than when our Spring sale is on.

Enjoy the Mobility Smart Spring Sale, as ever, we’ll be here throughout to help, advise and answer any of your questions, once again, thanks for your valued custom and for being part of the growing Mobility Smart family.

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