Days Wheel Chairs

Days Wheelchairs

Days wheelchairs provide an excellent standard of care and performance, in an extremely lightweight build with foldable aluminium frames. When it comes to stylish looks, Days wheelchairs leave nothing to chance, having sleek, well balanced ergonomic lines and sporty proportions that set the tone of your experience. These scooters have been designed for ease of use and to be your go-to transportation for occasional usage, ideal for those leisurely outings or visiting the shops or out exploring with family and friends.

Days wheelchairs are highly manoeuvrable and enable you to travel with ease, whether you are using indoor or for outdoor journeys, the level of comfort and reliable support are impeccable. When not in use your Days wheelchair is extremely lightweight and will easily fold to a compact shape, so that it can be easily lifted and stored in the car, or as luggage when you are travelling.

Days wheelchairs lack nothing in comfort and luxurious feel, having comfortable padded backrests and seat pad to give you relaxed support and posture, no matter what the duration of your journey. The durable and robust build is complemented by contemporary colours to suit your own moods and personal tastes, check out the full range below.

Escape Lite

The beautifully designed Escape Lite gives you the ultimate ride, combining the very best in style and functionality with great features that set it apart from the rest. The frame on the Escape Lite wheelchair is deceptively strong, being ultra-lightweight, so it’s extremely easy to both carry, fold and store away as necessary. Folding is intuitive and done from start to finish in a matter of a few seconds. The attractive colour of silver blue makes for a contemporary and sporty image to take you there in style. The versatility of the Escape Lite wheelchair will satisfy your thirst for exploring, as it navigates terrain, hills and tight corners with ease. All in all, the Escape Lite gives you affordable and lightweight transport that performs at its best whenever you need it. This model of wheelchair is ideal for either indoor or outdoor use, having secure grip via its puncture proof tyres and large wheels for ultimate control. To enhance user safety and comfort, the Escape Lite comes with a seatbelt, to give peace of mind and user comfort. This attendant propelled wheelchair comes with a padded and generously proportioned 18” seat for comfort and improved postural support.


If you love to get out and about and don’t want to be held back, the Swift Self-Propelled Lightweight Wheelchair is your ideal choice, this highly durable, high performance wheelchair combines great looks with true performance and a long list of features and attractive benefits to the user. The Swift comes with a generously proportioned 18” wide seat to give padded comfort and a secure feel during use. The lightweight frame of the wheelchair means that it is both exceptionally strong, and yet able to be easily lifted and folded down for storage or carrying in the car as and when necessary. This is further accentuated with the Swift wheelchair having quick-release rear wheels that make it fast and easy to fold down and transport in a less bulky package. The Swift is the ideal travel companion and will suit both indoor or outdoor usage, giving excellent grip and control over any surface, whether times, smooth or carpeted. The tyres on the Swift wheelchair are puncture proof so that’s one less thing to worry about especially if you are using for travelling outdoors, or for taking away on holiday.


The Link Attendant Propelled Wheelchair is a highly practical and versatile model that comes designed with great attention to detail and with great features for versatile everyday use, wherever and whenever you need it. The Link comes with the flexibility of having six seating widths so you can easily adjust to the width that suits your personal tasted and requirements. The swing-back and detachable armrests make it much easier for easier and safer side transfer giving more dignity and reassurance to the user during the transfer process. As well as this, the footrests have a heel strap for even greater support which can be swung internally or externally for flexible access as required. The Link Attendant Propelled Wheelchair comes with the versatile options of having height adjustable armrests that give a luxurious and highly supportive, as well as this, you can also add elevating leg rests to complete the package. Puncture proof tyres promote peace of mind that you won’t be inconvenienced by the risk of puncture meaning you can focus on enjoying the ride without any worry. These safety features are further enhanced by the Link wheelchair coming with rear anti-tippers for safety on slopes or uneven ground.


The Whirl Attendant Wheelchair provides a highly practical solution to the problems of accessible travel and lightweight, easy to carry and transport wheelchair. The compact dimensions of the Whirl make it easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces and the wheelchair is equally at home in either outdoor or indoor environments. the sleek and ergonomic design is aided by lightweight and modern materials that allow for easy folding in a matter of seconds down to an easily manageable lightweight and compact unit that can easily be stored in the car. The Whirl Attendant Wheelchair comes with fully padded upholstery, with calf support strap further adding to the comfort and luxury feel of this flexible wheelchair. The innovative and practical design allow for the removal of the desk armrests, so that users can more easily achieve closeness to desks and worktops without obstruction. The detachable half-folding backrests allow for easy reaching and a compact shape for simple storage when the wheelchair is not in use. When being used outdoors, the puncture proof tyres on the Whirl ensure peace of mind travel without having to worry about sharp edges in the terrain puncturing the tyres. The Whirl, your choice for easy transportation with that little extra style and practicality.