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  1. Waterless Body Wash
    Waterless Body Wash Item Code: PG23114

    Nilaqua's Waterless Body Wash is a luxurious foaming soap that provides an effective and cleansing wash and is a safe solution to personal hygiene without the need for water, making it ideal for elderly and disabled users.

  2. Waterless Shampoo Caps
    Waterless Shampoo Caps Item Code: PG23112

    Waterless Shampoo Caps offer a cost-effective and convenient way to clean and revive your hair without any fuss. The easy-to-use Waterless Shampoo Caps are designed to be warmed in a microwave before use for the nicest warmth during cleansing head and hair massage.

  3. Niaqua No Rinse Shampoo
    Niaqua No Rinse Shampoo Item Code: PG23110

    Nilaqua No Rinse Shampoo is available in 3 sizes of bottles and has been carefully designed to provide gentle yet effective hair cleaning without having to rinse with water afterwards, thus making it ideal for bed-bound patients, camping or travelling.

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