Mobility Scooters, taking the music world by storm!

Mobility Scooters, taking the music world by storm!

Mobility Scooters, taking the music world by storm!

It won’t have gone unnoticed to many of our blog readers how much more we are seeing the mobility scooter making appearances on all kinds of popular media, from pop videos, to sitcoms and news items. So are we seeing a change in perceptions towards the mobility scooter? Is it a cool ‘must have’ now for all ages, regardless of whether or not needed for actual mobility reasons?

One of the best videos we have seen recently is from Swedish musician, Avicii, (the stage name for Tim Bergling). this is a fun video with a great sentimental message and a story that spans the duration of the video and, of course, the Mobility Scooter is the star of the show.

You can watch the video here

What we like about this video is that it gives a sense of freedom and how the scooter itself empowers the user to be able to get out and take action. Not all scooter users will go the great lengths depicted in the Avicii video, but if we give our customers just a little sense of the same freedom and inspiration, then that is extremely rewarding for all of our team at Mobility Smart.

Have you seen any other examples of videos, adverts or news items that have the mobility scooter playing a leading and positive role? We’d love to hear from you if you have!

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