How to use suction grab rails

How to use suction grab rails

The number one reason for return of a suction product is the surface customers try to stick to isn’t smooth! Suction products WILL NOT STICK TO ANYTHING OTHER THAN A PERFECTLY SMOOTH SURFACE.

We can’t stress enough the word SMOOTH not nearly or quite smooth we mean perfectly smooth.

If you experience problems with a suction product please try sticking it to glass. (Test on a window, cooker door or even your car windscreen) You will more than likely find that it sticks fine thus eliminating the product.

Suction products returned as faulty which test fine will be subject to restocking fees.

Suction Grab Rail General Instructions

  • Suction grab rails are designed to assist your natural motion, as when getting in and out of a shower. They are not designed to hold or support your full body weight.
  • Suction grab rails can be used where permanent drilling and fixing is not possible.
  • Do not attach to moving surfaces.

Choosing a Location

  • Suction grab rails are designed for use only on smooth non-porous surfaces; tile, glass, porcelain, some plastics. Not for use on painted, papered, wood, embossed surfaces.
  • Check the condition of the support surface before positioning the rail.
  • Support surfaces should be sound and free from defects.
  • Do not mount the rail where it will be in direct sunlight.
  • Check the condition of the suction cups. Do not use if damaged, cracked or split.
  • Do not attempt to mount the Quick Rail on mosaic or embossed tiles.


  1. Thoroughly clean the surface with a solvent cleaner or alcohol wipe and allow to dry.
  2. Raise the suction levers; place the rail so that the suction cups lie firmly and completely on a smooth surface.
  3. Do not place over joints or grout lines.
  4. Push the rail towards the wall whist simultaneously pressing on one lever at one end, then the other. You should feel resistance as the suction cup tightens.
  5. Check secure attachment before each use.


  1. Lift each of the levers.
  2. If suction remains, gently lift one edge with a finger.
  3. Do not use a sharp instrument which may damage the suction cup.
  4. Clean the suction cups from time to time with a non-abrasive cleaner.

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