How do daily living aids help around the home?

How do daily living aids help around the home?
How do daily living aids help around the home?

There are so many activities around our home and garden that we take for granted, but what about when our mobility is not at it’s best and things begin to feel harder to do than they should?

It’s often when we’re trying to do a daily mundane task, such as reaching up to a shelf, kneeling down in the garden to pull up a few weeds, or trying to read the small print on a recipe or medication, that we realise that we could do with a little extra help.

That’s where daily living aids come in. Daily living aids feature innovative state-of-the-art products that have been designed to solve everyday problems, for people who have mild or even more advanced mobility issues, or even for perfectly fit and able-bodied people who struggle with certain tasks around the home.

Daily living aids are broadly categorised between outdoors and indoors, some daily living aids are suited to the garden and are specifically designed to help with carrying out those everyday garden tasks, such as kneeling, weeding, planting and digging etc. 

An example of this, is the Memory foam garden kneeler, this handy tool provides a comfortable luxurious feel pad, ideal for supporting the knees and alleviating pain from kneeling too long on hard ground or in wet/ damp ground conditions.

Another great example, and very popular with our garden enthusiasts is our Ergonomic Long Handled Cultivator this innovative tool enables the easy reaching to garden beds and pots to cultivate and aerate the soil without over-stretching or risking injury or falls.

Indoor daily living aids feature aids that fit around the common areas of the home where help may be needed. This includes the kitchen, living room, study, bedrooms and dining areas. 

There are literally thousands of daily living aids for the home, so we can’t cover all of them in this short article, but to give you an example of a few of our best-sellers, take a look at the Reading Sheet Magnifier is a great tool if you struggle to read the small print often found in magazines, newspapers and books. 

This tool simply lays on the surface of your reading material, and you have a magnified view that enables easy reading and eye comfort, absolutely invaluable for those who love to read and don’t like wearing reading glasses.

Another area of common struggle for many of our customers is in reaching for or picking up items in the home, garden or when shopping. It’s often inconvenient and embarrassing to be having to ask for help all the time just to reach or pick something up. 

Our Pick Up Reacher helps by giving you reach and a easy to manipulate grabber that is really effective at reaching and grabbing what you need. Always very handy to have around you, particularly in the kitchen for those hard to reach shelves or for items at the back of your fridge.

There are times when you just want to sit back with a cuppa, but you feel intimidated in using your heavy kettle, when it can be so hard to lift, position and tip hot liquid into your cup or mug. 

It’s a very common problem in the kitchen, and one that’s so easy to fix when you have the right aids to rely upon.

Our Universal Kettle Tipper is a great example of how the right daily living aid can make all the difference. This attractively designed gadget enables the safe and coordinated pouring from your kettle in safety and providing total peace of mind. 

It fits virtually all common kettle designs and simply enables you to pivot the kettle in full support, so you don’t spill a single drip.

So what about when it comes to handling food? Well again, much thought has gone into this by designers and product specialists and a great example of a very handy kitchen aid is the Economy Bread Board

This device is especially appropriate for those who find it difficult to grip or for those suffering from arthritis or other conditions that make gripping difficult.

The bread board allows the user to position the bread and brace it in position using the handy supports so that the slice can then easily be buttered, or jam or other toppings added without having to wrestle with the bread to keep it in one place! 

Another simple, yet highly effective and useful daily living aid that can make a big difference in the home and to the enjoyment of preparing food in the kitchen alone, or for family or guests.

So if you have any areas of your life, any little tasks that you find difficult for you, it’s a really good idea to have a look through our full range of daily living aids you may find we have the perfect solution for you!

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