Helping you through every day…

Helping you through every day…


One word we’re probably all a little over-familiar with in recent times is ‘unprecedented’ as the many restrictions of the country’s lockdown and self-isolation, reductions on social outlets and exercise all begin to take their toll on the nation’s mental and physical resilience.

These certainly are very unusual and stressful times, coming just when many thought there was light at the end of the tunnel after the Brexit debacle, it seems we’ve lurched headlong into another, much more serious calamity.

At Mobility Smart, if we were ever committed to serving our loyal customers, and the many members of the NHS and social services who are valued customers - we are now, more than ever.

The current situation reinforces to us all, that we are very much connected, no matter our wealth, social status or our postcode.
Maybe one of the positive aspects of Coronavirus, is that we have come to value what really matters in life, and that it’s precious and never to be taken for granted.

As we see this collective pause of life unfold every day, so nature and the environment are healing, little compensation for some maybe, but perhaps a lesson that we should take this time of lockdown to consider what really matters, and how we’ll take this into what emerges when this is all behind us.

Our Easter Sale is special this year, as we know for many, finances are really tight and times very uncertain.

If we can save you some money on some of the essentials, then we’re very happy to do so. We’re ensuring our stock levels are as high as they can be under the current trying circumstances, so bear with us on delivery times which may be affected due to the restrictions.

We would like to thank you for your continued support at this difficult time. Stay safe and let’s get through this together.

The Mobility Smart Team


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