Easier ways to open cans and jars in the kitchen

Easier ways to open cans and jars in the kitchen
Easier ways to open cans and jars in the kitchen

The seemingly innocuous task of opening cans, bottles and jars, can create great difficulty for many people, as they struggle to use traditional can openers, like the one in the image above, due to the strength, coordination and grip needed - tight lids on jars or bottles can be equally as challenging.

In these unprecedented times, with the global Covid-19 Pandemic, naturally, friends and relatives are buying food for older people, but sometimes this well-meaning gesture can increase the number of cans and jars being utilised, and it’s frustrating for elderly or disabled people, (and for many other people in general), that they struggle so much, to simply open their food containers!

At Mobility Smart, we supply a very wide range of daily living aids that can help with the task of opening cans and jars, as well as for a plethora of other daily requirements, where a little extra help may be needed.

A great example of this, is our handy and low cost Universal Jar and Bottle Opener which makes opening virtually any jar or bottle much easier and requiring far less effort, as leverage and grip are greatly increased. This device fits a wide range of common jar and bottle diameters, so it’s extremely useful to have on-hand in the kitchen, or wherever you want to be able to open jars and bottles with ease.

The opener also features a comfortable grooved outer edge for holding safely, enabling you to squeeze and twist more easily.

Our GOOD GRIP Can Opener is a very useful addition to your kitchen if you struggle to open traditional tin cans, that don’t have the more common ring-pull attachment.

This chunky can opener has a large turning knob, easier to grip and to allow for firmer leverage on the can lid, making it easier to open your cans.

The large cushioned handles give you extra strength to allow for gripping your can firmly to allow rotation of the knob with secure grip in place.

For cans with ring pulls, as most are these days, our Ring Pull Can Opener is the answer to make opening these types of cans quicker, safer and easier.

This opener has an easy to grip large handle and gives excellent leverage under the ring pull so that the lid can be easily and safely lifted to allow access to the contents.

Keep this useful gadget anywhere you need to open your cans and you’ll save time and save your fingers the strain of hard to pull up ring pulls.

For those hard to open jars, another great alternative, is our Jar Gripper The hi-grip disc increases your natural grip so making the twisting of stiff lids on all types of jars, or even for bottle, faster and safer with easier coordination.

Simply overlay the jar gripper over the surface of the lid centrally, so that the whole top and sides are covered, then form a grip over the gripper and twist.

This is another easy to use and affordable option to make opening your jars and bottles much easier.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article, to see our full range of can, jar and bottle openers, please visit our website for these and a whole host of other kitchen solutions to make your life easier in these difficult times.

Stay safe during this virus outbreak, we’re open for online orders so check back regularly to see our current ranges and offers.

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