Continuing Importance Of PPE For Safety and Hygiene

Continuing Importance Of PPE For  Safety and Hygiene
Continuing Importance Of PPE For Safety and Hygiene

From the beginning of the global Coronavirus Epidemic, many countries became aware early, of the need for adequate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), particularly for health professionals and key workers - much more likely to be exposed to harmful contamination in the carrying out of their daily duties.

The supply of this PPE has been another matter, with the UK and many other countries, being slow on the uptake and not recognising just how difficult is was going to be to get enough equipment to satisfy the burgeoning demand from both healthcare professionals and members of the public.

Although the situation is becoming better with a healthier looking supply chain for essential PPE, it’s still an area where many people are still finding that getting enough Personal Protection Equipment, and the many different components that make up complete protection, is still difficult.

Many manufacturers have stepped up production in recent weeks, so the important gear like face masks, visors, antibacterial sprays, gels and wipes are in wider circulation and therefore easier to attain, but still demand is likely to exceed the capabilities of supply for some time.

The other problem that has emerged in this crisis, has been the influx of PPE goods that are actually not manufactured to the correct international quality standards, or even fake goods flooding the market, as the global demand increased rapidly.

It is very important that users of PPE consider the source and credibility of the equipment they are buying, as even the UK Government has had to send back whole shipments of sub-standard PPE. For members of the public it can be even more difficult to ascertain quality and genuine brands, so extra care is required.

At Mobility Smart, we’ve been doing our bit in supplying thousands of orders for Personal Protection Equipment, both to the NHS and to a wide array of private care providers, ensuring that we keep these essential services running by being a reliable supplier and making every effort to secure the right products at the right time, with as rapid delivery as we can manage.

While others have been selling PPE equipment at much higher prices, we have maintained very competitive pricing across our PPE range and will continue to do so.

We realised early on, and from the feedback and questions from our many NHS and private care home clients, that PPE would be a major issue, to we took care to widen the ranges where we felt the most acute need was felt.

Since then, our team has received many messages of thanks from many sectors of key workers and management, as well as members of the public, who have been grateful to receive their packs of PPE for their own protection, and for their elderly relatives who have been given peace of mind of having some protection on hand.

We now have a dedicated PPE section on our website, a category where we have listed the many individual types of Personal Protection Equipment in a list view, so it’s very easy to find what is needed and place an order quickly.

All of our PPE equipment comes from extremely reliable genuine sources that we have had a supplier relationship with for many years, so you have full assurance that when purchasing from Mobility Smart, you are buying with 100% confidence that this is a genuine product with full efficacy.

Our extensive range includes all of the essential PPE gear, including Medical Face Masks, Antibacterial Hand Gel Bottles, Antibacterial Hand WipesDisposable Aprons and many other products.

As both the prevention, protection and treatment of COVID-19 is still a major issue in the UK and across other regions, there is likely to still be fluctuations in availability and delivery schedules of PPE equipment. 

We apologise in advance if our stock of a given product is not available, but we can reassure you that we are taking very regular deliveries of essential PPE gear and that if you sign up for alerts, you’ll be the very first to know when a product becomes available again, so you can secure your order.

Take a look at our full PPE section on our website here We are constantly adding new Personal Protection Equipment products to our growing range.

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