​Buying Gifts for Elderly Relatives This Christmas

​Buying Gifts for Elderly Relatives This Christmas

Buying Gifts for Elderly Relatives This Christmas

Its that exciting time of the year again! The Christmas decorations are up, there’s a definite chill in the air and you may even have completed all your Christmas shopping early this year, with the exception of a special gift for your closest elderly relative. Finding something that’s particularly thoughtful and most importantly, practical for your elderly parents, grandparents or friends, who seem to have everything they need already, can often be the most tricky purchase of all. You really want to show them how much you care about them, so what to buy?

You want to show you’ve put some real thought into your gifts. And if that's the case you’ve come to the right place! This year we’ve pulled out all the stops to offer you a wonderful selection of Christmas gifts for elderly relatives. Gifts they’ll value and use well after the day itself! There’s something to suit everyone and every budget.

Health and Wellbeing

This neat selection of gift ideas is guaranteed to boost the health and wellbeing of your loved ones, offering a little affordable luxury in their homes. The Deluxe Massage Foot Spa and Pedicure Kit is designed to do just that. Relaxing, pampering and invigorating, the 68 air jets stimulate tired or sore feet giving an effective foot massage. Absolute bliss!

Getting outside and enjoying natural daylight is not as easy for some older people or those who are less mobile. A SAD Therapy Light is guaranteed to bring brightness into their life. Proven to have a positive effect on mental and physical wellbeing, the tube simulates the therapeutic effects of natural daylight. A very thoughtful gift, it works for the shorter winter days too.

We all understand the importance of a good nights sleep yet along with the physical changes that occur as we get older, changes to our sleep are also part of the ageing process. Sleeping aids such as our Memory Foam Neck Cushion will reduce pressure on sore necks, offering comfort in the home and when travelling. Or if you’re looking for something that works wonders for tired or swollen legs and knees, helping to aid circulation, look no further than the Memory Foam Leg Pillow. Its ergonomic design is made for use in bed, perfect for a restful nights sleep.

If your relative is keen to exercise then the mini stepper might be the answer. It can be used when either standing or seated and can offer both an upper and lower body workout. Perfect exercise from the comfort of ones own home!

Supporting Independence

We also have a wide range of gifts that promote independence throughout the winter months whether simply to keep warm and protected from the elements, or to help out on daily tasks around the home. Our Thermal Bed Socks keep feet toasty warm and Thermal Arthritic Gloves provide warmth, compression and comfort with a textured grip.

An inexpensive way to help an older person remain healthy, active and independent is to choose from our wide range of folding walking sticks. These ingenious sticks snap open and are easily folded away to fit in any bag, pocket or pouch, yet are extremely strong and robust. Available in a variety of designs to suit him and her they’re also light, strong and height adjustable.

Practical gifts for use around the home can only come in handy. Shedding light on any dark situation are our Remote control wireless led lights. They come supplied as a pack of 3 and offer amazing versatility in dark cupboards, sheds, garages, attics and bathrooms. The list is endless! The strong yet lightweight Portable Table Valet is also an inspired choice, folding quickly and easily for storage and transportation and perfect for comfortable TV dinners, bedside meals, reading, writing and hobbies.

Stocking Fillers

Enjoyable Christmas treats make perfect stocking fillers. Here are some fun gifts and games that will delight and excite your relatives this festive season. Made for the visually impaired our large print playing cards offer so many opportunities for enjoyment. They're also useful for players who have difficulty holding smaller cards. As is the Playing Card Holder, designed for those with limited use of their hands. Another great choice for those who enjoy doing a crossword, reading the newspaper, books or magazines is our Sheet Magnifier. Its lightweight too, making it ideal for everyday use.

We hope our selection has inspired you to spread some joy with a gift that is both practical and thoughtful for any elderly friend or relative this Christmas. Yet if you’re still undecided, then click here to view our entire Christmas range, there are gifts for him, for her and many more Christmas ideas at affordable prices. We can also help you with your choice. If your relative has a particular need then we can offer our expertise, simply contact us on 0800 567 7222, or 01995 638086, or email sales@mobilitysmart.cc. A very merry Christmas and a healthy and happy 2018!

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