Oval 8 - Pack Of 5 Rings

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Oval 8 - Pack Of 5 Rings

  • Oval-8 finger splints in sizes 2 to 15 - Pack Of 5 Rings
  • Strong and nearly invisible splints stabilise and align the DIP or PIP joint to enhance hand function.
  • Moulded from 1.6mm translucent plastic without seams.
  • Can be used to correct lateral deviation, swan-neck deformity and flexible boutonniere deformity, support mallet finger injury, and help prevent trigger finger.
  • Two ring splints can be used to provide full immobilisation at the PIP or DIP for rest and control.
  • Each Oval-8 splint fits a full size and, when rotated 180 Degrees, an additional half size, to accommodate fluctuations in oedema and temperature that can affect finger size.
  • Size is determined using sizing kit.
  • Oval-8 splints can be modified by spot heating with a heat gun.

Note: The sizes below are USA ring sizes click here for our ring conversion chart.

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