All the big hitters! It’s our Wimbledon Sale!

All the big hitters! It’s our Wimbledon Sale!
All the big hitters! It’s our Wimbledon Sale!

The sun is shining and the strawberries and champagne are flowing, it can only mean two things, firstly that it’s Wimbledon, and secondly that it’s time for our Annual Wimbledon Sale that celebrates everything tennis by serving up more than a few ‘aces’ of our own in super savings.

Whatever you are planning as we move into Summer, we have everything on hand and ready to make it an enjoyable one for you, whether you have made travel plans, or simply plan to get around to a few of those jobs in the home or the garden, our savings on the things you need can make it easier for you.

If you find that getting around is harder than it used to be and your mobility is a concern, then we have many great ideas to help you get out there without being compromised when you begin to get tired on longer outings. 

Mobility Scooters can be great for this, and with a plethora of modern designs, sleek roadside kerb appeal and stunning features, you can ride instead of walk, wherever you chose to explore, or just for those local shopping excursions. 

If staying closer to home is your thing, then we can help with a huge range of daily living aids that can help you manage whether you are in the home or the garden. We all love doing our hobbies and activities both indoors and out, so why struggle on when there are so many great innovations and ideas that can really help?

For sporty types, if you’ve been running the local 10K or half marathon and your body is telling you it’s feeling the strain, we have a wide range of supports and splints, as well as kinesiology tapes and freezing gels that can help you keep going for longer and pain free.

Whatever you have planned during the annual Wimbledon tournament, enjoy the tennis and please tell us how you found using the products you have purchased, we love to receive your valued feedback.


The Mobility Smart team


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