Why use a ramp and what are they for?

Why use a ramp and what are they for?

As our picture shows, ramps come in many shapes and sizes and can be use for a wide variety of purposes in the home or the professional setting - even for pets

Ramps essentially bridge the gap between different levels, where there can be a small, or larger, gap to traverse and obviously the need is to do this safely and securely.

This can be especially useful where vehicles are concerned and there is the need to make the height of the vehicle accessible and easy to board safely, or to enable the loading of the vehicle with goods that may have to be wheeled up the ramp.

Ramps come in a very wide range of sizes and shapes, all with their different specific purposes in mind. For example, some ramps will be lightweight and for light duty, such as our pet ramp featured, but other ramps will have much heaver load capacity and may be a more permanent fixture on a building or other structure.

Without the use of ramps, things can become very difficult, especially where there is a lack of mobility due to illness or a disability. All to often, people struggle in trying to climb up the gaps they are faced with, be they steps that are too high, or a vehicle that they cannot alight with ease, so ramps can be an essential piece of equipment for many.

Ramps are often used in professional healthcare settings where there are many users of mobility vehicles such as mobility scooters or wheelchairs. Ramps provide the essential function of allowing a gentle gradient to allow the user to wheel up the ramp in safety and securely positioned on the ramp during transit.

It is obviously essential to research the type of ramp that is being proposed and this is based on the specific needs of the individual, what and where the ramp is to be used and what likely weights the ramp will be carrying.

All of the technical specifications on a ramp will be on the web page for the ramp so that all of these deliberations and comparisons can be made with ease.

Some people need to have a ramp that is portable and allows for the carrying and transportation of the ramp when it is not in use, so that it can be applied to wherever it is needed and easily deployed when necessary.

This kind of ramp must be portable and compact so that it will fit easily in a car or a van when not in use, but also be light enough for easy assembly and use when needed.

The advantage Suitcase Ramps, (pictured) have been designed to provide the user with support and safety, they are made from exceptionally strong aluminium and feature a non-slip surface that makes for a secure and safe use promoting peace of mind and reassurance for the user. 

The Ramps are suitable for use with Mobility Scooter, Electric Wheelchairs and Standard Wheelchairs as they can withstand a maximum load of 363 kgs (57 stone) whilst remaining lightweight and highly portable. 

The ramp simply folds together with a single fold design and is effortlessly separated into two sections if needed.

Sometimes the need is for the ramp to simply clear the small level changes that can occur between rooms and doorways. Although these gaps can be relatively small, they can create difficulty and distress to a wheelchair or scooter user. 

But the solution comes in the form of the Doorline Bridge Ramp, this ramp makes the levels much easier to navigate as it acts as a bridge between with a highly grippy surface that allows for a much gentler gradient that wheels found on scooters and wheelchairs can easily accommodate.

So you can see the versatility and usefulness of mobility ramps, and that we can even accommodate ramps to help your furry friends climb on board your vehicle!

If you would like to read more about our wide range of ramps, you can check out the whole range of mobility ramps here

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