Why is the Ignite a game changing Mobility Scooter?

Why is the Ignite a game changing Mobility Scooter?
Why is the Ignite a game changing Mobility Scooter?

We all know that when it comes to mobility scooters and technological innovations things never stay still for long, but when something truly different comes along we think it’s worth a closer look and really shouting about. We think the Ignite is that scooter.

Aside from it’s impressive aesthetics and street appeal, sure to give admiring looks for its stylish and modern coloured bodywork, the Ignite is equally poised and impressive beneath the surface. 

Not least in part, for its huge 100ah battery that gives the Ignite a very impressive 40 mile range, long enough distance to fit in a couple of half marathons and much more besides all in the same day and on the same charge! 

This really does therefore give the user of the scooter a much broader range of travelling options and means that there is virtually no possibility of running out of charge for virtually any travel scenario.

The very largest theme parks, shopping centres, leisure attractions, town or villages are all within easy scope of this incredible capacity battery, so the amount of remaining charge never becomes an issue and peace of mind prevails.

This feature is very handy for those who do make longer journeys and need that extra battery capacity, and of course it also means a much less frequent charging regime, as plenty of capacity remains to fit in many shorter trips between necessary charging.

So a big powerful battery, but the Ignite has so much more in its locker room and the next feature truly is awesome and that’s its enormous power. 

The Ignite comes with a jaw-dropping 1400w motor, which gives the user total comfort and peace of mind that nothing, and we mean nothing stands in the way of this beast!

Hills, uneven terrain, sharp gradients, ramps are all easily conquered by the ignite. Having oodles of power at the fingertips is actually liberating as you can really feel that when it’s needed, this scooter has it in rare abundance.

Imagine a scooter that’s always up for the adventure, and that’s as willing and honest as you are to face the great outdoors and get going, that’s the Ignite. 

It has the reassuring power to take on anything you’ll meet on the road, the track, the shopping centre and hills are smoothed away effortlessly as you have that immense power at your hands ready at your immediate command.

So as if that wasn’t enough, the Ignite has another game-changing feature that’ll bring you a lovely warm feeling -  in the form of a heated seat, the Ignite is the ONLY scooter currently available with this feature.

If you use a mobility scooter regularly and you brave the regularly cold weather in the UK and across Europe, then you’ll be no stranger to having to withstand having a freezing behind on your scooter seat, and let’s be honest, once that cold sets in, it can be very hard to get rid of for hours after.

So the Ignite quickly puts those concerns to bed, with a lovely heated seat that’s very effective. The Ignite never faulters on performance and the heated seat provides another sparkling reminder of why this is. 

The heat that radiates from the seat is quickly noticeable and penetrates through the outer layers of skin, so you can feel the warmth radiating up through your seat upwards. 

Never uncomfortable, but at the same time, certainly noticeable and very welcome as this then keeps that body heat up and makes for a much more pleasant and comfortable journey, whatever the weather, whatever the outside temperature.  

When it comes to mobility products such as mobility scooters, the speed of innovation and new features is staggering, and it’s clear to see how much designs, features and specifications have come on in such a short time.

Take a look at the Ignite in more detail and order here: https://www.mobilitysmart.co.uk/ignite-mobility-scooter.html

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