Why is it harder to balance as we get older?

Why is it harder to balance as we get older?

Although a reduction in the ability to balance and coordinate our limbs and movements may not affect everybody in later years, it’s still something that can be a challenge to many and sometimes an area that creates stress and concern.

There can be many reasons why balance, posture, strength and movement can be compromised, not least, the fact that as we get older, the truth is that we are maybe not exercising and using the muscles in the same way we would have been in our younger years.

So with this, comes the weakening of some of the larger muscle groups in the core (mid-section where the abs and lower back muscles are) and the upper and lower leg muscles.

These muscles are largely responsible for creating a strong and balanced posture that keeps the body strong and upright and withstanding the changes in direction, slopes and different terrains the body may encounter.

As well as muscle, the bones and connecting tissues in the body may not be as strong and dense as previously, so this can be seen in conditions such as arthritis, where both pain and inflammation can be present and inhibit certain movements and activities.

So what can be done about helping to maintain balance and coordination as we get older, what products are out there to help us to walk and enjoy getting out and about again?

The good news is that there are a plethora of products that are aimed at helping us to stabilise and find a better sense of balance for every-day activities in the home and when out and about.

whether a reduction in balance is due to a longer term condition or a disability there are still many aids that can help us to achieve balance in our daily lives.

Many people turn to walking sticks to maintain and build confidence and reassurance for walking indoors or outdoors. 

Sometimes, even a change of flooring indoors or outdoors can cause a feeling of confusion, which can happen with tile patterns or where there are unexpected raised areas or contours on the flooring.

Rollators are ideal for this purpose and just as with walking sticks, things have come a very long way in terms of what’s available now compared to what was available only a few short years ago. 

With an aging population, there has been greater demand for younger looking, fashionable styles of rollators that fit in with the needs of older people who still very much see themselves as young-at-heart and want the finer things in life, even when it comes to their mobility.

The manufacturers have recognised this strong demand for more stylish products and now offer much more ergonomic and modern styles with street appeal and modern sleek finishes.

Rollators have been at the forefront of this technological and styling paradigm shift and so now the market is full of some very attractive rollators and walkers with much greater visual appeal and modern features and materials.

One of the great benefits of a walker or rollator is that you now have the correct level of balance and support, with the addition of capacity to shop and store safely personal goods and shopping without compromising your posture and balance.  

Walking sticks are a great aid for maintaining balance as they are extremely lightweight and very effective at gripping on to surfaces with enough strength to take great forces, leading to greater confidence and security for the user.

A good walking stick can benefit your health and help you to get out and about and socialising again. These days walking sticks really do come in much sportier ergonomics and styles, so you can find a model that complements your own tastes, whether they be contemporary or classic.

Combination trolley walkers are a great idea, mainly for indoor use or in the garden as they come fitted with trays to allow the safe carriage of goods and personal effects around the home and for use when engaging in hobbies or for eating at desk or table. 

Combination trolley walkers have been widely adopted within professional care environments such as private care homes and hospitals/ clinics as they are extremely versatile. The lightweight frame allows for easy manoeuvre with s tight turning circle. A lipped tray prevents leaks and spills so reducing cleaning tasks and hygiene in the home.

Although it can be an irritation to lose the levels of balance we may have enjoyed in our younger years, there are still many solutions that are relatively low cost that can help us to maintain a good quality of life.

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