Why do you need cast and wound protectors?

Why do you need cast and wound protectors?

As many of you will already know, one of the most important aspects of wound and injury care is to protect from the risk of infection, which can be caused when dirt, or water enters the area of the wound.

But aside from that, cast and wound protectors also enable the user to maintain a much higher level of personal hygiene in that they can manage to wash using running water, or the shower, without the risk of the water or soap ingressing into the cast our wound dressing.

Casts, by their very nature can be heavy and unwieldy, even given that today, they tend to be lighter and a little more flexible than the old ‘pot’ casts of yesteryear.

Trying to stay clean and maintain hygiene without a cast protector can be very difficult indeed.

Many people will try to attach a carrier bag to the area with elastic bands, or even protrude the limb out of the shower enclosure or bath in an often unsuccessful, if not slightly comical, effort to keep the area dry and clean!

But for a relatively low cost, cast and wound protectors mean that this is not necessary and why mess about when there is a viable and cost-effective solution so readily available?

Cast and wound protectors are available for different parts of the body, so you can, for example protect the whole length of the leg or arm, or simply locate the protection to a specific area such as the foot or arm.

When you have children carrying protective casts or wound dressings, it becomes even more important, as children are not as sensitive to the need and importance of hygiene where casts and wound dressings are concerned.

Therefore, Cast and wound protectors come in sizes especially designed for the smaller limbs of children, creating a water-tight seal that allows for bathing or showering without the risk of the cast or wound letting in harmful and potentially germ ladened water.

with cast and wound protectors for children, they can still get a great dal of enjoyment and fun from their bath-time routine, without you, or them, having to worry about the risk of dirty water getting into contact with the affected area.

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