Why are more people choosing a lift seat?

Lift seat
Why are more people choosing a lift seat?

Although using a toilet in our homes is something that most of us take for granted, for many people, just the act of lowering or raising from the standard toilet seat can be difficult and stressful.

One innovation that has recently been developed is the electric toilet lift seat. This innovative piece of equipment helps the user to lower safely onto the toilet in a smooth and controlled manner so that both safety and comfort are maintained throughout the process of using the toilet.

The lift seat utilises a ‘sit-to-stand’ motion. This motion is recognised as the most efficient way of getting to the feet after using the loo, as it allows the use of the body’s major muscle groups in the correct order, thus promoting balance and coordination.

Lift seats therefore can reduce anxiety around using the toilet in the home or even in a professional setting. It’s true to say that when there are weaker joints in the back and lower legs, or if the person has a disability or is recuperating from injury, then their ability to lower themselves to the loo can be greatly compromised.

Lift seats greatly reduce this anxiety and prevent the risk of painful falls or even injury when using the toilet; they represent a solution that is appropriate in any home or professional setting.

How does a powered lift seat work?

Operation of a powered lift seat is both intuitive and easy. The device comes with a simple to use hand-held controller for operating the seat’s motion. 

The lift seat is positioned over the toilet and then it’s just a case of sitting on the seat of the lift, and then operating the lowering function using the hand-held remote. 

A large buttoned hand control is also available for those who need it, such as people with impaired hand strength or vision problems.

The motor in the lift seat is whisper quiet and reliably robust and strong for a gliding motion that promotes balance and actually mimics the rise motion of most “rise and recline” armchairs.

This provides a familiar movement for many people that reassures and makes the whole process easy and stress free. It therefore allows people to toilet independently or with reduced care while at the same time minimising any risk of a fall or becoming stuck.

After use, the lift seat can raises the user back up under power from a sitting position so that they can easily stand and move off the lift seat with ease, much more so than struggling with a low toilet seat that is too difficult to use safely.

Being both lightweight and compact, the lift seat fits virtually any existing home toilet and can also be used as a commode which is a handy additional feature.

Lift seats can also be used over shower toilets such as Geberit and Clos-o-Mat, and is also compatible with Bio Bidet, so this is a truly versatile solution for the home and providing greater comfort and safety features.

For users of a heavier build, there is also the confidence that the lift seat can accommodate a top weight of 23 stone, so it will be appropriate for many body types and users of all shapes and sizes.

There is also a bariatric model that is five inches wider, that can accommodate weights up to 32 stone (203 kg)

How does the powered lift seat commode function work?

This functionality is unique to the lift seat, making this the world’s only powered bedside commode

This means that for clients in their homes, if they cannot make it to their toilet, the toilet can come to them; either at their bedside or in their lounge. 

This could be appropriate as a temporary solution - such as after surgery  or for a more permanent one. 

As the Lift Seat doesn’t require ground fixing over the toilet, or anywhere else, it is quick and easy to transport and place in the required position.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the lift seat and how this can benefit you in your home, taking the stress out of going to the toilet and making life easier.

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