What can soothe the pain of aching joints?

What can soothe the pain of aching joints?
What can soothe the pain of aching joints?

Particularly in the colder winter months, many people feel that their joints, mainly in the arms and legs can feel more painful than usual. And it’s true to say that colder temperatures do tend to exacerbate pre-existing conditions and make the joints feel uncomfortable or even very painful at the other extreme.

When our joints feel painful, it can often inhibit carrying out the full range of activities we would normally enjoy and also make us feel much less like doing exercise or even mild physical activity.

So what can help us to alleviate the pain of the inflammation of joints and how do such products work.

One of the best products that we have found for helping to soothe the pain in joints and also for muscular aches and pains is BioFreeze.

BioFreeze is the only analgesic available on the market today that contains ILEX, a herbal extract from a South American holly shrub. 

The ILEX works to extend and enhance the properties of the three analgesics contained within the BioFreeze formulation 

The result in terms of pain relief is a deep and long-lasting pain relief period that penetrates through the muscles and joints and aids in accelerating the normal healing process through relaxation and pain relief.


How can BioFreeze help? 

BioFreeze has proven pain relieving qualities and contains three separate and highly effective analgesics. In combination, these provide an exceptional degree of pain relief that is easily absorbed and therefore effective for pain relief in only a short period of topical application onto the affected area.

Perfect for use in hands-on massage, BioFreeze Pain Relief Gel has a cool, soothing effect that simulates the cooling sensation of ice - with many of the same physiological benefits. 

BioFreeze helps the user to remain mobile during treatment allowing for a normal active lifestyle. With the application of BioFreeze, many people report that they have been able to resume normal physical activity without the associated pain that they normally experience.

This has led BioFreeze to become the world’s No1 recommended pain reliever by health professionals who include prominent physiotherapists, doctors, nurses and a wide range of other medical and health professionals around the world.


What is BioFreeze effective for?

BioFreeze is useful for the treatment of sprains and many ailments and is also suitable for larger muscles and joints that some other treatments simply lack the power to alleviate symptoms.

BioFreeze is supremely effective in alleviating back pain and arthritic discomfort and can help with a plethora of other conditions, just some of which are listed below:

  • Hip, back, shoulder, neck pain & stiffness
  • Stiff & painful ankle, knee, hip & elbow joints
  • Arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Contusions
  • Muscle stiffness, spasms & sprains
  • Cramps & strains

So you can see that BioFreeze has many applications that can help with the relief of joint pain and many other conditions that provide mild symptoms to more severe pain experiences.

The versatility of BioFreeze is further demonstrated in the many types of application that exist within the extensive range, so if you only need a small amount or you are possibly trying it out for the first time, you can buy in a smaller quantity, say in a gel tube, through to being able to buy in larger quantities in sachets and gel sprays.

This makes BioFreeze easy to use and apply where it’s needed simply and easily. It’s another reason why healthcare professionals, as well as home users have found the brand so valuable to have around as it’s so handy to use and easy to apply and get working.

BioFreeze Pain Relieving Gel also soothes and relieves aches and pains often associated with strenuous exercise or physically demanding jobs. 

Often people working in these professions find that their needs are overlooked and that an effective treatment that is fast and easy to use on their job, has been hard to find.

BioFreeze helps in these cases and it is ideal for use in hands-on massage, The Pain Relieving Gel has a cool soothing effect when applied to the skin which helps to both alleviate pain and to reduce inflammation.

BioFreeze is available in three types; Roll-on for small and specific areas, Gel which is ideally suited for hands-on massage applications, and a fast working spray that allows for easy application for those harder to reach areas.

Explore our full BioFreeze range here and find the right product to make your joint pain easier to manage so you can do the things you love without having to be held back by aches and pain.

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