What are the benefits of using hoists?

What are the benefits of using hoists?
What are the benefits of using hoists?

An established piece of equipment in any hospital ward or care home setting, hoists provide an essential lifting function, enabling the transfer of patients in both a comfortable and safe manner. 

Modern hoists have been developed to work well in smaller areas, having a more compact footprint allows for the hoist to be used in areas that older style hoists would not have been effective in. 

A good example of this is in the Oxford Midi 180 EM Mobile Hoist, this hoist is a real workhorse on the ward and in any professional setting, but is also applicable to the home setting due to its lightweight and compact features. One of the major benefits in using a hoist, is to the carer. With lifting relatively heavy weights without a hoist, there is a very real chance of strain or injury that often occurs due to temporary loss of balance, or simply trying to carry too much weight over too long a period.

Of course, nobody wants to risk injury in caring for a patient or a relative, and that is why hoists are so dependable and save countless injuries as they take the major burden in lifting and transferring patients.

One of the features of the Oxford Midi 180 EM is that it can lift from a wide range of heights, starting right at floor level, up to elevated heights found when using treatment couches or for higher positioned beds or seats.

All this is achieved without the need to alter the height of the mobile hoist column, saving valuable time and fuss and allowing the focus to be simply around patient care and dignity.

Where the carer is looking after patients with heavier weight ranges, including bariatric patients, the hoist is even more essential, as there are thresholds at which attempting to lift these heavier weights becomes untenable for the carer.

The Oxford Midi 180 EM navigates heavier weights with ease and reliable performance. It comes with an impressive lifting capacity of up to 180 kgs (28 stone) which can cater for a very comprehensive range of weights making it extremely versatile in the professional or home setting.

For ultimate control and safety, the Oxford Midi 180 EM Mobile Hoist comes with a user-friendly hand control.

This allows the carer to lift and lower the patient easily and smoothly with minimum effort and maintaining maximum safety.

This automatic feature is further enhanced by the manually operated leg opening mechanism. This has a lock function that allows the legs to open for greater accessibility, whenever required, to a chair or wheelchair.

These features bring the benefits of enhanced manoeuvrability, as the hoist is flexible enough to allow use across many scenarios, particularly in the home where there are transfer requirements across different rooms, such as bedrooms, bathrooms and sitting area.

The same benefits of ease of use apply equally in the professional ward or care home setting.

In addition to the above automatic remote control and manual leg positioning, the Oxford Midi 180 EM Mobile Hoist has low profile front castors which have been designed to easily fit under most furniture.

This is further complemented with larger rear castors can be locked to allow for the highest levels of safety and stability during patient transfer.

One of the important benefits in using hoists is the dignity and self-esteem of the patient.

Being lifted and having to rely on care can be difficult to accept mentally, and nobody wants to be in the position of having to watch carers themselves risking their own health in trying to lift.

A reliable hoist can alleviate much of this stress and concern, as it shortens the duration of the lifting and transfer action, as well as making the process itself smoother and more natural.

This allows for a conversation between carer and patient, which can easily be maintained during use of the hoist, reducing anxiety and promoting dignity and self-esteem before, during and after the operation of the hoist.

Hoists really do provide many benefits, that are apparent from both the carer and patient perspectives. There is no wonder that hoists, such as the Oxford Midi 180 EM Mobile Hoist are proving to be such a popular choice in the home or professional care setting.

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