Well done! Your reviews raise money for Comic Relief

Well done! Your reviews raise money for Comic Relief

For Red Nose Day in 2015, we decided to ask our customers to review our company and for each review, left on either Facebook or Google, we would make a donation for Comic Relief and the Red Nose charities.

Well it’s a big thank you to all those who left reviews and donated to Red Nose Charities, due to your efforts we raised £200 which will greatly benefit many people in need over the coming months.

Red Nose Day, which was on the 13th of March 2015, raised over 78 million pounds this year, which is a staggering figure. The whole Red Nose day phenomenon started in July 1985 and since then donations have passed the 1 billion pounds mark, so it’s almost a certainty that many lives have been positively affected, and possibly even saved because of Comic Relief.

We have been delighted with the reviews we received, which will help us greatly in spreading the word about Mobility Smart, and it’s great to be able to support so many worthy causes.

So next year, we will plan to raise even more for Red Nose Day and Comic Relief, so look out for our messages when the time comes.

Of course, if you have any ideas about other ways we can help good causes, please let us know and we will be sure to consider other ideas.

As Andrew Atkinson, Mobility Smart’s founder comments, “we are so proud to have customers that care enough to support our charitable activities and to know in some small way, we are helping in joining with so many other businesses and individuals to make donations to charitable causes such as Comic Relief.”

So thanks again for all your help in helping us to support Red Nose Day and watch this space for more ideas for ways you can help again in the future.

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