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Trionic Walkers

Trionic Walkers - making the outdoors great again

There is no debate that getting into the fresh air and the great outdoors is good for general health and increasing mobility. But when it comes to managing walking in terrain that is less than completely flat, some rollators just aren’t up to the task - which can be a frustration when you’ve always loved getting out and about exploring and your mobility equipment is letting you down.>

Enter Trionic. This revolutionary Swedish brand of Walker Rollators is specifically designed with the outdoors in mind, allowing for a much more robust performance across multiple terrains, surfaces and weather conditions.

Trionic believe that off-road, shouldn’t mean off-limits to anyone. They’ve put this philosophy into a range of all-terrain rollators, that quite literally, have taken the market by storm.

Responding to a more active and sporting generation, who love partaking in outdoor activities, Trionic recognised that many people with less than optimal mobility, still wanted to enjoy outdoor spaces and leisure activities.

The Trionic range answers this call with a range of highly specialised Walker Rollators that match the demands of the elements and allow greater access to the outdoors with much less restriction on accessibility and a much greater degree of robust build in equipment designed to withstand the elements.

Trionic Walker rollators are premium level designs, equipped with the latest modern features to increase all round comfort and usability, whilst promoting exceptional levels of balance, safety and support for outdoor terrains and weather conditions.

The Trionic walker comes packed with state-of-the-art features including Syncro Steering, All-Terrain Brakes, Pneumatic or "Supersoft" PU Tires, All-Aluminium-Frame and the ability to upgrade and complement with a wide range of upgrade options.

Large wheels make the navigating of uneven and sloping gradients much easier and sure-footed. This is matched with ultra-lightweight frames that mean much easier walking, with support that is not compromised by unnecessary additional weight.

Whilst it’s well known that getting out and about in nature is good for the health, the heart and for increasing confidence and independence, until now, outdoor walkers and rollators have been lacking in being robust enough to withstand true outdoor environments. The Trionic Walker rollator range has been built on the same principles of construction as top mountain bikes, ski equipment and climbing gear, that being construction without compromise.

Trionic recognise that outdoor focused people rely on the quality and reliability of their gear and that this needs to be fully up to the task, whatever the environment or location.

A common problem with traditional walkers when trying to navigate outdoor terrains and surfaces is a loss of contact by the wheels and wheels being in the wrong position when re-making contact with the ground. The new Trionic Walker rollator is equipped with a synchronized steering feature that eliminates the problems with shimmying and skewed swivel wheels making the user feel safer, more coordinated and encouraging better physical posture.

When not in use, or for travel or storage, the Trionic folds down to a lightweight and compact size, ideal for travel in the car, on boat or plane so you can use at your destination. A matter of seconds to set up and you’re on your way again.



First for outdoor pursuits - Trionic Veloped Shooter Walker

If you love your outdoor pursuits, the Trionic Veloped Shooter Walker is your ideal companion for hunting and particularly shooting, coming equipped with a rifle bag that simply attaches to the mainframe to help relieve stress on the back.

Specifically designed for the requirements of the seasoned sportsman or woman, this highly durable walker has an exceptional level of technical and build quality, a true world leader in its class.

Unique climbing wheels on the Veloped Shooter Walker helps the user to easily and comfortably travel over roots, gravel, rock and dirt on their way to the hunting ground or other sporting location. Read more about the Veloped Shooter Walker here

Trionic Walkers are quality manufactured in Sweden, a nation well known for its love of the outdoors and uncompromising attitude towards quality and human expression in the outdoors.

Trionic believe that nobody should be limited to staying indoors, when the simple addition of the right equipment, at affordable pricing, can allow for a much higher degree of personal independence, enjoyment and confidence in the great outdoors.

Read more about the Trionic Walkers range here

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