Trionic Walkers, making your outings easier

Trionic Walkers, making your outings easier
Trionic Walkers, making your outings easier

Trionic walker rollators have revolutionised the walker market, bringing high quality build and feature rich models that users have praised heavily across the UK and the world.

With an ethos of quality and understanding the discerning needs of customers, Trionic have delivered technology, combined with cutting edge design that takes the walker from being an every-day mobility tool, to something much more and allowing greater freedom and range than ever before.

Trionic walkers have been designed to make walking much easier, safe and comfortable for less mobile users. 

The sturdy and secure build is actually very lightweight, making manoeuvrability much easier and turning in tight spaces easy. The 12” pneumatic tyres and aluminium brakes again enhance the overall control promoting a sense of greater confidence and peace of mind.  

Even when dealing with rough terrains, wet or uneven surfaces, Trionics walkers are not left wanting, as they have been specifically designed with more challenging environments in mind. 

Trionics includes sports models in its collection, for the more adventurous users, such as the Trionic Veloped Trek, this walker is especially adept on outdoor rough terrains, enabling hiking in challenging conditions, as well as for the normal day to day applications.

As you would expect, the Trionics Veloped Trek is a sophisticated machine that comes at a premium price, yet for those who need the reassurance of a true outdoor rugged professional quality, users consider it to be good value for the additional freedom it provides. 

The Trionics Veloped Trek comes fitted with a versatile seat bag and backpack which enables outdoor gear and equipment to be safely stored in waterproof compartments, ready for when needed. 

Tough tyres can withstand sharp stones and really do enhance the comfort as they navigate variable terrains with ease and confidence.

Still on a sporty theme, the Trionic Veloped Sport Walker is another highly praised model in the Trionics portfolio. This lightweight and highly nimble walker is at home in many outdoor scenarios and is a firm favourite with leisure walkers who need a high quality support with robust build and specifications.

To maximise comfort and reduce impact and stress on your ankles, knees, hips and back even when walking over rough terrain the Trionic Veloped Sport is fitted with large, 12" or 14" pneumatic tyres.

It all makes for more enjoyable experiences in the great outdoors which users have found can mean increasing the locations and scenarios they feel more comfortable attempting, knowing they have the right support, specifically designed for rough terrains and withstanding the elements.

If you’re looking for a rollator with all of the above, yet with stunning aesthetics to complement your personal style, the all new Trionic Walker Rollator - Special Edition may be just your thing.

With a dynamic red livery, this walker rollator is not only good looking with definite kerb appeal it is also feature rich and does it’s job with great aplomb.

To ensure the Rollator Walker will not move when seated, a parking brake is fitted, this helps to prevent the risk of slips or falls. 

The Trionic Rollator Walker also benefits from a synchronised steering system which prevents shimmying wheels and makes manoeuvring the frame smoother.

What that means for users is much greater confidence and the peace of mind that outings can now be for greater durations, covering greater distances and over variable terrains. 

These are just a few of the superb models that comprise the full Trionics walker range, to see all of our available models, see our Trionics Walkers category page, where we have all the features and benefits as well as stunning photographs to help you in your choice.

Remember, that if you do go on to make a purchase of a Trionics Walker, you will receive fast and free delivery, right across the whole of the UK.

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