Surely it can’t be Autumn Already…

Surely it can’t be Autumn Already…
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Surely it can’t be Autumn Already…

Well actually, there’s a couple of Autumns to mention, Firstly the Meteorological Autumn, which by the meteorological calendar the first day of autumn is always 1st of September; ending on 30 November.

But then…

the Astronomical Autumn, which is defined by the Earth's axis and orbit around the Sun, this year the Astronomical Autumn begins on 22nd of September 2020 and ends on 21st of December 2020!

Did you know that the astronomical calendar determines the seasons due to the 23.5 degrees of tilt of the Earth's rotational axis in relation to its orbit around the Sun? Both equinoxes and solstices are related to the Earth's orbit around the Sun.

As interesting as this is…we know you’re here for our AMAZING AUTUMN SALE, which this year is bigger and better than ever.

Our extensive hygiene range has been helping many of you, both public and professionals alike, stay safe and reassured during the Covid Pandemic.

We’re delighted to say that our range is getting bigger and bigger, helping you to stay safe and keep your living areas and personal space safe and clean, greatly reducing the risk of virus spread.

Naturally, 2020 has seen many of us spend much longer amounts of time in our homes and gardens, which has been nice at times, but has also reminded us of some the little hardships that cause discomfort, difficulty, or risk safety.

That’s exactly what our Daily Living Aids range is there for. To help with any of the little niggles and iron out the tasks that create hardship or discomfort for you in the home, garden or when you’re travelling.

If you need help with anything, did you know our help pages are literally packed with information that can save you having to make a phone call.

We’ve made it fast and really convenient for you to solve the majority of your queries and problems online. Check it out here

As ever, thanks again for choosing to shop with us, we really enjoy having you in our community of ‘Smart’ shoppers. Enjoy the sale!


The Mobility Smart Team

11 days ago